21 July 2015

Prints & Simplicity

primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes 4 Primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes 7 primark skirt with kurt geiger shoes 3
Shirt- Topshop
Skirt- Primark
Shoes- c/o Shoeaholics
I am a tight wad and I like to recycle my wardrobe, so some of you may have seen this skirt on my blog before. I bought it for next to nothing last year in Primark and when I saw palm prints were back in this summer I had to get it out again. I think it goes perfectly with these amazing Kurt Geiger beauties from Shoeaholics. I love shoes that have ankle straps, I find they really flatter my legs; I also have very narrow feet so anything that stops me slipping about like bambi gets a thumbs up from me.
I am equally delighted and annoyed about being introduced to the Shoeaholics website. Delighted at the fact they sell designer shoes starting from £9- no your eyes are not deceiving you- but frustrated at the fact that I want them ALL and I have no money!
Back to the outfit....I thought I would keep things simple so I threw on this white shirt from Topshop (this has also done its fair few rounds on the blog). You really can't go wrong with a good white shirt, it is one of those staple items that everyone should have in their wardrobe- preferably one that doesn't crease like a paper bag though which this one is guilty of (you all know about my ironing phobia)
*side note* I did notice whilst editing these pictures that I am practically wearing my skirt back to front, one should learn to look in the mirror before leaving the house!!


  1. Love the print of this skirt I can't believe its primark it looks like something from topshop! Can never go wrong with a white shirt, no matter where I go I always pack one! :) Gorgeous look x


  2. Love that skirt, definitely one to recycle, you look gorgeous! And the shoes are beauts!

  3. Those shoes are amazing and I'm definitely going to go on the website now and see if anything takes my fancy, mainly those shoes!


  4. I love your hair like this! Such a chic look and those shoes are pretty rawrsome!

    Tara x


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