17 May 2015

Review: Revolution (Parsonage Gardens, Manchester)

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Vodka Revs: home to cheap cocktails, sticky floors and student nights! At least that is how I remember it!
Last week I was invited down to the Parsonage Gardens branch in Manchester to try their new menu and I was intrigued to say the least. I had heard through a few people that the chain had had a complete facelift so I was keen to try it out for myself.
The venue
I have only a very vague memory of the Parsonage Gardens Revolution but I was still pleasantly surprised when I first walked in. Like many of the bars in Manchester, they have gone for the 'I am cool without trying too hard' kind of vibe. I am all for a bit of exposed brick and copper fixtures. I especially loved the wall of framed prints.
After being seated, I was presented with a rather extensive cocktail menu but due to my irrational fear of vodka - I will save the story for another time - I settled for a bramble, a really nice one at that. I also appreciated the glass it came in, there is something about a nice looking glass that makes your drink taste nicer - just me?
The food
I was feeling boring at the time so to start I ordered garlic bread. Totally unoriginal I know but I fancied something simple and it is one of my all time faves. This one got some major thumbs up on the garlic scale - nothing worse than garlic bread with a stingy layer of the good stuff!
For mains I ordered the 'Brooklyn Chicken' burger'. Not going to lie, the thought of it sent me into a carb coma but it was recommended to me by the waiter and I felt I was in good hands. I did order the fried pickles on the side as opposed to on the burger (I am team 'Anti Gherkin') but I was prepared to give them a go - all fruit deserve a chance. Side note: I had no idea a gherkin was a fruit until this very moment!!
My burger was exactly what I thought it would be: stodgy - but boy did it taste good. It could have come with slightly more chipotle mayo but that is just me being pedantic.
The chips came with a dusting of Cajun spice which was a really nice addition. I also enjoyed the coleslaw; It tasted homemade and came with big chunks of apple in it - delicious. I even surprised myself by enjoying a fried pickle or two!
My partner in crime opted for the 'Bourbon Bad Boy' burger; just looking at it made me sweat but he seemed to enjoy it. I had a try of the bourbon chipotle sauce that accompanied it and it was mega.
Because I obviously hadn't had enough stodge in my previous 2 courses, I then went on to order a 'banofee fluffwich - mainly because I was intrigued by the concept.
The combination of Soft dough, caramel, marshmallow fluff, banana & sweet batter was nothing short of delicious albeit very filling. I wasn't so sure about the strawberry dip, it definitely should have come with ice cream. Sorry.
All in all I was pretty impressed with the new Revs. If you aren't partial to a full crab fest like me, then there are also plenty of other options to satisfy a variety of needs. On a Monday they offer 50% off too  - pretty generous hey! 
Have any of your tried Revolution's new menu?  


  1. Aaah amazing photography :) the food looks amazing, will definitely have to be paying a visit here.
    There's just way too many places to eat in Manchester!!




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