12 April 2015

Revamp your room on a budget

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I have always been quite an impulsive person; I get bored easily and make quick decisions. I remember when I was 16 my parents went on holiday for 10 days, I decided to paint my bedroom bright turquoise and emblazoned my wall with a giant glittery playboy bunny (soz mum).

Fast forward 11 years and my ability to quickly tire of my interiors has yet to wane.

I posted a homeware haul a few weeks back where I featured some bits that I had bought for my dressing room which was in the process of being decorated. I am happy to say it is now finished and I couldn't be happier, probably something to do with how little we spent on it.
It is so easy to get sucked into the portrayal of luxury on Pinterest, but in recent years I have come to realise that making a room look nice doesn't mean you have to spend big bucks.

I have included a few snapshots of my new room above, the whole lot including the daybed cost less than £200. We bought the bed from gumtree, it had a few scratches on the drawers but nothing a bit of paint couldn't fix. To buy new in the shop it would have been over £200 but we got it for £120.

My beautiful dressing table was also from gumtree and was a mere £20. I must admit when my boyfriend brought it home in all of its luminous pink/purple glory I found it hard to imagine what it would look like with a lick of paint. But the boy is a genius and I think he did a stunning job.

I also completely underestimated him when it came to doing the chair. When he first brought it home from a car boot sale it had no seat and was a horrible pine colour, it looked like it belonged in a skip (I wish I had a before picture). In future I should have more faith in his visions because even though he had never upholstered a thing in his life, he managed to produce a beautiful piece of furniture for less than £10.
My knick-knacks (such a satisfying word) are all from either Primark, B&M or Ikea and were relatively inexpensive. I also had some cards from my Birthday which I used in old picture frames that had sat empty for ages. My absolute favourite is the Walt Disney one in the picture above.
Lastly, I had wanted some Initial ornaments for some time but couldn't find any in gold that weren't too expensive. I took a trip to hobbycraft and found these decoupage ones for a pound each. I bought some cheap gold paint and got to work; the whole thing took me around 10 minutes. Easiest DIY ever!



  1. Your room is literally my dream! Lucky you having such a clever boyf, where do I find one of him?!

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

  2. I love your bedroom! I can't believe what it all cost considering how amazing it looks - it's like brand-new!x

    Electra Violet ||

  3. Beautiful, I've had my dressing table for months now with intentions of painting it but just haven't got round to it x

  4. Such a beautiful bedroom! I also have a white dresser but I'm not sure I could keep everything white, I'm the messiest person ever haha! I'll definitely be buying from Gumtree when I get a place.

    Tara x

  5. This looks amazing! I wish my furniture was white, your bedroom looks so beautiful!



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