19 April 2015

My current standout accessories

Accessories Marc Jacobs Pandora 3 Accessories Marc Jacobs Pandora 2 Accessories Marc Jacobs Pandora
Accessories are the one thing that I don't struggle to spend money on; I have a wardrobe full of statement clutches and several drawers filled with jewellery & sunglasses.
There are a few items that I have been wearing on repeat over the last few months so I thought I would share them with you guys.
- My Beautiful Marc Jacobs watch was a gift from my boyfriend on our 6 year anniversary. I was drawn to the gorgeous (and timeless) rose gold/navy combination when I first saw it in Selfridges over a year ago. Luckily for me, the boy had been paying attention and it now has a very special place on my wrist- I hardly ever take it off
- You will never see me leave the house without my silver rings; if I do I feel naked. I have quite a large collection, however these three are my current favourites.
The Pandora birthstone ring was a birthday present from my friends, I love the simplicity of their designs.
The chunky statement ring to the right was from my parents for my 21st birthday so it is very special to me....it never leaves my finger.
- My sunglasses collection is growing by the week! I am loving all things 70s at the moment so it's only right that I featured my 'John Lennon' ones from Primark, and for £3 I don't really care if I stand on them (which is usually what happens!!)
- A good statement clutch can really make an outfit. Seeing as I spend most of my life in monochrome, I need myself a strong collection!
This snakeskin clutch has made several appearances recently and I know it will see me right through Summer. The best thing is, it was a fiver from a charity shop
What are your favourite accessories?


  1. I'm literally in love with that snakeskin clutch!

  2. I love that watch and who doesn't love Pandora stacking rings!? I feel naked without a watch on!

    Tara x

  3. I love this post and it's reminded me how I really need to update my accessories, I only have a couple of necklaces and I'm so bored of them! Your pieces are all beautiful :)
    Love Holly x


  4. I absolutely love round sunglasses at the moment! Those are so pretty :) And the watch is so timeless and gorgeous!

    Lana, xo


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