27 April 2015

#geniusjeans with George Asda

George Asda Trench Coat 6 George Asda Trench Coat 2 George Asda Trench Coat 7 George Asda Trench Coat 3 George Asda Trench Coat 8 George Asda Trench Coat
Trench, Sunglasses & Jeans- c/o George @ Asda
Shirt- Topshop
Shoes- Very
Bag- Primark
I can't even comprehend that it has taken me since getting in from work at 5.30 to now to write this post. My laptop is on its last pathetic legs so forgive me for keeping this short.
George at Asda recently asked me to style up an outfit for their latest campaign #geniusjeans and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice their stuff is. These distressed jeans are on par with some of the pricier high street shops out there (not mentioning names......Topshop) and they fit really nicely. I especially love the fact that they come in different leg lengths; I am forever fighting the short girl, short legs battle. No-one likes jeans that have to be rolled up twenty times!
The piece de résistance however is this amazing button down trench. Oh my goodness, just look at it.
Not only is the quality amazing (I have a phobia of cheap, flimsy material on coats) but it is bang on the 'utility' trend with its D ring detail. Bravo George, Bravo!

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  1. Those jeans arena total bargain, think I'll need to pick them up


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