14 April 2015

70's boho- Primark A Line denim skirt

primark skirt 70s boho 3 primark skirt 70s boho 5 primark skirt 70s boho 4 primark skirt 70s boho 7 primark skirt 70s boho 6 Primark skirt 70s boho Primark skirt 70s boho 2
Skirt, bag & sunglasses- Primark
Top- Topshop
Boots- c/o Ash Footwear
There is one trend that I never stop loving year upon year and that is Boho. I have also recently grown keen on the 70s trend so why not combine the two to create something awesome!
I love this outfit and I can't quite believe I am wearing a denim skirt -something I didn't think would come back into fashion as soon as it did. This one from Primark was an absolute steal for just £9; I already have so many other outfits planned with it.
I think the definite star of the show in this outfit though is the amazing Perspex lemon clutch (also from Primark). You can take the inside of it out so the opportunities are endless. I already can't wait to use this on the holiday I am currently dreaming up in my head!
(p.s Can we take a moment to appreciate the ridiculous pose in the 2nd to last picture....hashtag OUTTAKE...or is it!!!)


  1. WHAT. This outfit is basically Primark!? I need that skirt and love that top on you!

    Tara x

    P.S I love that photo haha.

  2. I absolutely adore this outfit and I'm loving the 70's trend myself at the moment! I can't believe that skirt is from Primark either!


  3. Wow I never new primark would do such great items like that! I need to go and have a look soon! Great post x

  4. Well this is just absolute class Laura! Big love.

    Lindsey xx


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