27 April 2015

#geniusjeans with George Asda

George Asda Trench Coat 6 George Asda Trench Coat 2 George Asda Trench Coat 7 George Asda Trench Coat 3 George Asda Trench Coat 8 George Asda Trench Coat
Trench, Sunglasses & Jeans- c/o George @ Asda
Shirt- Topshop
Shoes- Very
Bag- Primark
I can't even comprehend that it has taken me since getting in from work at 5.30 to now to write this post. My laptop is on its last pathetic legs so forgive me for keeping this short.
George at Asda recently asked me to style up an outfit for their latest campaign #geniusjeans and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice their stuff is. These distressed jeans are on par with some of the pricier high street shops out there (not mentioning names......Topshop) and they fit really nicely. I especially love the fact that they come in different leg lengths; I am forever fighting the short girl, short legs battle. No-one likes jeans that have to be rolled up twenty times!
The piece de résistance however is this amazing button down trench. Oh my goodness, just look at it.
Not only is the quality amazing (I have a phobia of cheap, flimsy material on coats) but it is bang on the 'utility' trend with its D ring detail. Bravo George, Bravo!

19 April 2015

My current standout accessories

Accessories Marc Jacobs Pandora 3 Accessories Marc Jacobs Pandora 2 Accessories Marc Jacobs Pandora
Accessories are the one thing that I don't struggle to spend money on; I have a wardrobe full of statement clutches and several drawers filled with jewellery & sunglasses.
There are a few items that I have been wearing on repeat over the last few months so I thought I would share them with you guys.
- My Beautiful Marc Jacobs watch was a gift from my boyfriend on our 6 year anniversary. I was drawn to the gorgeous (and timeless) rose gold/navy combination when I first saw it in Selfridges over a year ago. Luckily for me, the boy had been paying attention and it now has a very special place on my wrist- I hardly ever take it off
- You will never see me leave the house without my silver rings; if I do I feel naked. I have quite a large collection, however these three are my current favourites.
The Pandora birthstone ring was a birthday present from my friends, I love the simplicity of their designs.
The chunky statement ring to the right was from my parents for my 21st birthday so it is very special to me....it never leaves my finger.
- My sunglasses collection is growing by the week! I am loving all things 70s at the moment so it's only right that I featured my 'John Lennon' ones from Primark, and for £3 I don't really care if I stand on them (which is usually what happens!!)
- A good statement clutch can really make an outfit. Seeing as I spend most of my life in monochrome, I need myself a strong collection!
This snakeskin clutch has made several appearances recently and I know it will see me right through Summer. The best thing is, it was a fiver from a charity shop
What are your favourite accessories?

15 April 2015

Sometimes I feel consumed by city life.....

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Wales

so getting away for a day or two and surrounding myself with the great outdoors can do wonders for my mind.
The grey walls of the city can be somewhat suffocating and my brain sometimes feels like it is filled with nothing but noise and chaos.
A few weekends ago I spent 2 days in sunny Anglesey with my boyfriend and his family (they live there). Not only was it the perfect break away, it was a gentle reminder of just how beautiful Great Britain really is.

14 April 2015

70's boho- Primark A Line denim skirt

primark skirt 70s boho 3 primark skirt 70s boho 5 primark skirt 70s boho 4 primark skirt 70s boho 7 primark skirt 70s boho 6 Primark skirt 70s boho Primark skirt 70s boho 2
Skirt, bag & sunglasses- Primark
Top- Topshop
Boots- c/o Ash Footwear
There is one trend that I never stop loving year upon year and that is Boho. I have also recently grown keen on the 70s trend so why not combine the two to create something awesome!
I love this outfit and I can't quite believe I am wearing a denim skirt -something I didn't think would come back into fashion as soon as it did. This one from Primark was an absolute steal for just £9; I already have so many other outfits planned with it.
I think the definite star of the show in this outfit though is the amazing Perspex lemon clutch (also from Primark). You can take the inside of it out so the opportunities are endless. I already can't wait to use this on the holiday I am currently dreaming up in my head!
(p.s Can we take a moment to appreciate the ridiculous pose in the 2nd to last picture....hashtag OUTTAKE...or is it!!!)

12 April 2015

Revamp your room on a budget

revamp a room on a budget 3 revamp a room on a budget 1 revamp a room on a budget 2 revamp a room on a budget 5 revamp a room on a budget revamp a room on a budget 6
I have always been quite an impulsive person; I get bored easily and make quick decisions. I remember when I was 16 my parents went on holiday for 10 days, I decided to paint my bedroom bright turquoise and emblazoned my wall with a giant glittery playboy bunny (soz mum).

Fast forward 11 years and my ability to quickly tire of my interiors has yet to wane.

I posted a homeware haul a few weeks back where I featured some bits that I had bought for my dressing room which was in the process of being decorated. I am happy to say it is now finished and I couldn't be happier, probably something to do with how little we spent on it.
It is so easy to get sucked into the portrayal of luxury on Pinterest, but in recent years I have come to realise that making a room look nice doesn't mean you have to spend big bucks.

I have included a few snapshots of my new room above, the whole lot including the daybed cost less than £200. We bought the bed from gumtree, it had a few scratches on the drawers but nothing a bit of paint couldn't fix. To buy new in the shop it would have been over £200 but we got it for £120.

My beautiful dressing table was also from gumtree and was a mere £20. I must admit when my boyfriend brought it home in all of its luminous pink/purple glory I found it hard to imagine what it would look like with a lick of paint. But the boy is a genius and I think he did a stunning job.

I also completely underestimated him when it came to doing the chair. When he first brought it home from a car boot sale it had no seat and was a horrible pine colour, it looked like it belonged in a skip (I wish I had a before picture). In future I should have more faith in his visions because even though he had never upholstered a thing in his life, he managed to produce a beautiful piece of furniture for less than £10.
My knick-knacks (such a satisfying word) are all from either Primark, B&M or Ikea and were relatively inexpensive. I also had some cards from my Birthday which I used in old picture frames that had sat empty for ages. My absolute favourite is the Walt Disney one in the picture above.
Lastly, I had wanted some Initial ornaments for some time but couldn't find any in gold that weren't too expensive. I took a trip to hobbycraft and found these decoupage ones for a pound each. I bought some cheap gold paint and got to work; the whole thing took me around 10 minutes. Easiest DIY ever!


6 April 2015

Glamorous striped trousers

Glamorous trousers and primak top Glamorous trousers and primak top3 Glamorous trousers and primak top5 Glamorous trousers and primak top2 Glamorous trousers and primak top4
Trousers- c/o Glamorous
Top, hat & bag- Primark
Jacket- c/o Bank
Shoes- Very
Necklace- Gift
Let's get the chef whites joke out of the way first!!
I know I look like I should be stood behind a flaming wok wearing these, but I just love how damn comfy they are. They were however quite difficult to style.
In the end I decided to keep it simple with this amazing khaki knitted crop from Primark. I own two of these now and I can definitely see myself getting more colours for the summer. I can imagine them looking really nice over a bikini *dreams of being on a beach*
Keeping it short and sweet tonight, my eyelids are getting heavy and it's back to work tomorrow after a glorious long weekend.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter.