8 March 2015

Homeware Addict

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Choose Happy Sign- Next
Owl Ring Holder- Home & Bargain
Fake Plants & Plant Pots- Ikea
Postcards- Paperchase
Bed Linen- Primark
Photo Frames- Ikea & Paperchase
White Decorative Pot- Ikea
'Sleep' Candle- Tesco
Jewelled Candle- Primark
For some time now I have been infatuated with the simplicity of Scandinavian Décor. I think Pinterest is definitely to blame for this, I could easily spend hours scrolling through pictures of neutral toned rooms and wishing all my furniture was white!
Just before Christmas we spontaneously (and stupidly) spent a whole weekend redecorating our spare room but the work has definitely paid off as I now have a light, clean and clutter free creative space where I can relax and unwind after a busy day.
The only problem with having this fresh, new space, is wanting to fill it with new things. I have been to Ikea in the last few weeks more times than I care to admit, I have developed a new unhealthy love affair with Paperchase and I keep finding myself in Primark's homeware department on my lunchbreak, but it's ok because home décor shopping makes me happy!!!


  1. I am exactly the same...I spend forever on Pinterest, and love the thought of buying lots of bits for my home! Our boiler broke though recently, so I've just been pining for all the pretty things I've seen instead of acting on them, but hopefully I'll be hitting IKEA this week!

    I'm not usually one for graphic text prints, but I really love that sign from Next! Definitely going to see if my Next has one! :)


  2. I absolutely love finding new bits to spruce my flat up with so this post has been great! Paperchase is great for it's postcards - I'm constantly adding some to my collection! Love the 'Choose Happy' sign as well - so pretty :)

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

  3. I've been eyeing up that bedding from Primark for a little while now and just seeing it again has convinced me that I need it, plus that 'choose happy' sign is just adorable!


  4. So lovely. The Primark bed linen looks beautiful <3

  5. Cute snaps, love the homeware! x

  6. Ah it all looks so fresh and pretty! Love the plants and the little owl especially
    Chambray & Curls


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