24 March 2015

Double Denim and my BF's Shirt

Double Denim 4 Double Denim 10 Double Denim 9 Double Denim Double Denim 3 Double Denim 5
Shirt- Ralph Lauren (c/o the BF)
Jeans- Topshop
Bag- c/o Goodstock
Shoes- Very
Watch- Marc Jacobs (gift)
Sunglasses- Primark
Isn't it funny how once upon a time double denim was the ultimate fashion faux pas. It probably had something to do with that picture of Britney & Justin back in 2001 (you know the one!), but fast forward 14 years and every man and his dog is rocking the Double D, including me.
This vintage beauty was lurking in the back of my boyfriends wardrobe gathering dust. It is much nicer than any of the ones I had found in shops so you can imagine my joy when I tried it on and it fit. I had been after an oversized denim shirt for ages so I can call off the search now....see, boys are good for some things!!
What are your thoughts on Double Denim? Yay or Nay?

15 March 2015

Slightly 70s

70s inspired outfit 4 70s inspired outfit 2 70s inspired outfit 3 70s inspired outfit 5 70s inspired outfit 6
Fur Gilet- Zara
Top- c/o The Fifth
Skirt- Boohoo
Hat- Primark
I realised two things when I uploaded these photos. One, pass me the St Tropez, and two, green doesn't make for a great background in outfit posts (when wearing orange)!!
This Boohoo skirt is definitely the brightest thing I have in my wardrobe right now. As I don't think I can quite bring myself to wear flares again (too much nostalgia), this skirt is my slight nod towards the 70s trend that is splashed all over the shops this spring. I just wish it was warm enough to ditch the tights, it's been a long winter of saggy crotches (looking at you primark) and holes in my toes!

10 March 2015

Topshop D Ring Jumpsuit (part 2)

Topshop Jumpsuit 12 Topshop Jumpsuit 14

Jumper- Zara
Jumpsuit- Topshop
Shoes- F&F
Hat & Sunglasses- Primark

I'm not sure about this outfit so I nearly didn't post it, but fashion is about trying out different things, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. So why are we so afraid to share with other people the things aren't necessarily perfect? After all, perfection is just a matter of perspective!

I have found myself holding back with my blog lately. If I feel like my photos aren't magazine worthy or I am not too keen on how an outfit turned out then the post should stay firmly in my draft folder. But why?

My blog is a hobby, a place to share my everyday life. Everyday life is far from perfect so why put so much pressure on myself to be just that? I have decided I need to be less critical of myself, not just with my blog but with life in general.....life is too short to worry about being great all of the time!

Who's with me?

Topshop Jumpsuit 13 Topshop Jumpsuit 16

8 March 2015

Homeware Addict

Homeware Haul 3 Homeware Haul 6 Homeware Haul 4 Homeware Haul 9 Homeware Haul 8 Homeware Haul Homeware Haul 7
Choose Happy Sign- Next
Owl Ring Holder- Home & Bargain
Fake Plants & Plant Pots- Ikea
Postcards- Paperchase
Bed Linen- Primark
Photo Frames- Ikea & Paperchase
White Decorative Pot- Ikea
'Sleep' Candle- Tesco
Jewelled Candle- Primark
For some time now I have been infatuated with the simplicity of Scandinavian Décor. I think Pinterest is definitely to blame for this, I could easily spend hours scrolling through pictures of neutral toned rooms and wishing all my furniture was white!
Just before Christmas we spontaneously (and stupidly) spent a whole weekend redecorating our spare room but the work has definitely paid off as I now have a light, clean and clutter free creative space where I can relax and unwind after a busy day.
The only problem with having this fresh, new space, is wanting to fill it with new things. I have been to Ikea in the last few weeks more times than I care to admit, I have developed a new unhealthy love affair with Paperchase and I keep finding myself in Primark's homeware department on my lunchbreak, but it's ok because home décor shopping makes me happy!!!

2 March 2015

Topshop D-Ring Jumpsuit

Topshop Jumpsuit 7 Topshop Jumpsuit 9 Topshop Jumpsuit 11 Topshop Jumpsuit 10 Topshop Jumpsuit 8
Jumpsuit- Topshop
Jacket- c/o Bank
Shoes- F&F
Bag- c/o Goodstock
Sunglasses- Primark
Sometimes you see an item of clothing on someone and you know you have to have it. The gorgeous Victoria from IntheFrow was wearing this Topshop Jumpsuit in one of her videos and she looked incredible; I was immediately drawn in by the colour and the tailored fit. It took a few visits to a number of different stores but I finally nabbed one in my size from Debenhams. Admittedly it was a little pricey compared to most of the things in my wardrobe but I don't own anything else like it and it was a birthday treat so completely excusable :)
I will be wearing it for my friends 'cocktails & canapés' party this weekend, but it also looks amazing dressed down with a chunky knit jumper over the top, and of course a fedora!