17 February 2015

Paris or Vienna?

Outfit Primark 1 Outfit Primark 4 Outfit Primark 3 Outfit Primark 2
Hat, Top, Jeans and Bag- Primark
Boots- Boohoo
Necklace- c/o Adorning Ava
Another day, another hat....in another colour. This has to be my favourite one so far but I have to be careful what I wear it with. The other day I put it on with a khaki shirt and my leopard print skirt and I looked like I was ready to hang with the lions on Safari!

This time round I can't decide if I should be sporting a string of onions round my neck or rowing a gondola down the waters of Vienna, but I am feeling very European in this outfit. This wasn't the intention, nor was it to wear head to toe Primark but I like how it turned out!
I don't however like how these pictures turned out. The perfectionist in me nearly didn't hit publish on this post but I rarely get time to blog these days so I like to share whatever I can get my hands on. I have a feeling that they are overexposed (like the last lot) which is why they are out of focus....is this such a problem? Camera experts I need your help!
I am most frustrated about the fact you can't see the true beauty of this amazing Adorning Ava necklace!!


  1. No way is that hat from Primark? Why does my local never get the good things in :(
    These photos are NOT overexposed! They actually look lovely!!
    Alice xo

  2. Like this outfit, that top is lovely :)

    Julia x

  3. The photos look great to me. . . love this outfit, the hat is gorgeous, I'm so desperate to get one but just don't think I'd wear it! The necklace is beautiful too.

  4. love this outfit..very Parisian in my opinion and I love that hat :D the photos are lovely girl!


  5. awesome outfit, love the boots esp! :) x

  6. Such a put together outfit, and the hat just tops it all off! :)


    B x


Thanks for your comments :) xx