17 February 2015

Paris or Vienna?

Outfit Primark 1 Outfit Primark 4 Outfit Primark 3 Outfit Primark 2
Hat, Top, Jeans and Bag- Primark
Boots- Boohoo
Necklace- c/o Adorning Ava
Another day, another hat....in another colour. This has to be my favourite one so far but I have to be careful what I wear it with. The other day I put it on with a khaki shirt and my leopard print skirt and I looked like I was ready to hang with the lions on Safari!

This time round I can't decide if I should be sporting a string of onions round my neck or rowing a gondola down the waters of Vienna, but I am feeling very European in this outfit. This wasn't the intention, nor was it to wear head to toe Primark but I like how it turned out!
I don't however like how these pictures turned out. The perfectionist in me nearly didn't hit publish on this post but I rarely get time to blog these days so I like to share whatever I can get my hands on. I have a feeling that they are overexposed (like the last lot) which is why they are out of focus....is this such a problem? Camera experts I need your help!
I am most frustrated about the fact you can't see the true beauty of this amazing Adorning Ava necklace!!

15 February 2015

Sleeveless Trench

Rare London Sleeveless Jacket 4 Rare London Sleeveless Jacket 2 Rare London Sleeveless Jacket 3 Rare London Sleeveless Jacket 5 Rare London Sleeveless Jacket 8 Rare London Sleeveless Jacket 6
Sleeveless Trench- c/o Rare London
Turtle Neck- H&M
Jeans & Hat- Primark
Boots- Boohoo
Bag- c/o Goodstock (Charity Shop)
These pictures looked great on camera but on my computer 90% of them were out of focus (I think I had it on the wrong setting)...and the rest, well my double chin stole the limelight so I chose to leave them out!!!
When I received this Sleeveless Trench from Rare London I knew that I wanted to style it with a black turtle neck but I had such a nightmare trying to find a nice one. They either strangled me, were too see-through or were too short. Just as I was about to admit defeat I found one in h&m for £8 and it fit the bill. I also found these amazing high-waisted jeans in Primark which are really similar to the Topshop Joni's. For some reason the Joni jeans don't look right on me but these are nice as they don't come up too high, the material is super soft and stretchy too. I don't expect them to last an eternity but for £10 I don't mind.

13 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Macara

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 3 Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 2 Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 4 Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I am always last on the bandwagon with most things and I am sure you have already read 27,245 posts about the new Benefit Roller Lash Mascara but I thought I would put my two pence in anyway (with a picture of my out of control brows for good measure!!)
A few weeks back a huge box arrived at my house and inside was the most awesome vanity case filled with stuff from Benefit to promote their new Roller Lash Mascara. Once the excitement had calmed down (and I had pranced around like Lady Muck in my personalised eye mask) I got down to business and gave the mascara a go.
I have used the same mascara for years and years, something has to really float my boat for me to give up my favourite products but I have actually been using Roller Lash everyday for the past 2 weeks. It took a while for me to get used to the plastic brush but I was super surprised with how long and full my eyelashes looked after just one coat....they looked even better when I used a pair of eyelash curlers. What I loved most was that there was no clumps, no one wants spiders limbs on their eyelids! It was also easy to remove with my cleanser which is nice as I have mega sensitive eyes.
I must say I wasn't a fan of 'Bag Gal Lash' (the wand was the size of a bloomin hairbrush) and I am yet to try 'They're Real' but Benefit seem to have created a pretty dam good mascara with Roller Lash.
If you don't want to fork out for the full size tube straight away, go get yourself the freebie that comes with Elle Magazine.
What are your thoughts on this mascara?

9 February 2015

Lindt Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake

Lindtt Strawberries and Cream Chesecake 2 Lindtt Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake 7 Lindtt Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake 4 Lindtt Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake 3 Lindtt Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake 5
My boyfriend and I don't really 'do' valentines day. I do however do chocolate and desserts and chocolate with dessert is even better. A truckload of Lindt chocolate landed on my doorstep last week and my first thought was to 'eat it all in one go' but my discipline kicked in and I stashed it away for a sugary themed blog post. I was originally going to make an altered version of The Londoner's slutty brownies but that seemed like too much hard work....my kind of baking involves minimal ingredients and minimal utensils. Therefore the Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake was born.
I found an incredibly sinful recipe from Nigella and adapted it slightly *double the biscuits, the better the buttery base*!!!
You will need:
*200g Digestive biscuits
*100g Melted butter
*200g Lindt Stawberries & Cream Chocolate
*284ml Double cream
*250g Full fat soft cheese
*250g Mascarpone cheese
1. Crush the biscuits until they look like breadcrumbs. The recipe tells you to use a blender but my method of putting them in a plastic bag and bashing them with a wine bottle worked just as well.
Mix the breadcrumbs and melted butter together and then press down into an even layer at the bottom of the tin. Remember to grease it.
2.  Place the chocolate into a heatproof bowl and melt over a pan of simmering water (avoid temptation to dip your fingers in!!) Set to one side.
3. Mix the cream cheese, cream and mascarpone in a large bowl until it has a satin like consistency (and represents a heart attack)
4. After the chocolate has cooled slightly, pour it in with the cream mixture and stir together.
5. Spoon the mixture on top of the biscuit base and spread evenly.
6. Refrigerate for 3 hours
7. EAT
There you have it ladies and gents....Lindt Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake. Your welcome.

8 February 2015

5 Days of Soma


Label PR contacted me recently to see if I wanted to take part in a blogger competition with Swimwear 365, when I found out the prize was a 5 star trip to Egypt it was a no brainer! The challenge was to describe how you would style and photograph a swimwear shoot using pics from the Soma Bay resort (Egypt) and 3 items from swimwear365 .
The first of my looks would be for strolling along the beach as the sun sets . I am loving all things boho at the moment so I have gone for a gorgeous crochet knit crop and an amazing pair of white palazzo pants. Not only would this outfit keep you cool, it would really show off a gorgeous tan. This outfit would look perfect with natural beachy waves and a hat.
5daysofSoma 1

Who said swimwear was just for the daytime? I have chosen this amazing black and gold bikini and styled it for a day to night look. I would wear this for a nice meal around the pool in the evening. I absolutely love combining gold and turquoise with black and white on holiday. How amazing are the shoes?!

5daysofSoma 3

The last look is for a chilled out day dipping in and out of the spa. I was inspired by the amazing blue and white tiling in the first picture. Again the white would bring out a gorgeous tan and the shoes would be easy to slip on after a relaxing swim in the pool. The kimono could be worn over the bikini on its own as well as over the playsuit.

5daysofSoma 2

3 February 2015

My ideal capsule wardrobe

wardrobe staples 2
I don't know if this has something to do with the fact I am approaching my late twenties and 'attempting' to be more sophisticated, but I seem to be buying less clothes and spending slightly more on a few staple items.
Above are all of the things that I have or would have in my 'capsule wardrobe'.
Camel coat- This is something I don't have in my wardrobe but really want. Camel as a colour has been huge this A/W and I hope it continues to be throughout Spring. This Missguided one ticks all of my boxes, I loved the relaxed fit.
White Shirt- Timeless. Goes with anything...can be dressed up, dressed down. Perfect!
Black Skinny Jeans- I wore my last pair of black skinnies until they fell apart. The thing I love most about black jeans is the fact that you can throw them on with a nice tee or a shirt, a pair of boots and you look effortless.
Black Leather Boots- I live in boots....rain or shine. A good pair of boots will see you through any outfit and if they are leather they will last you years. These F&F ones are only £45, so you can look chic without breaking the bank.
Striped Jumper- For when you are in the mood to dress like a Parisian!!
Black Tote Bag- A good sized black bag is fail-safe. It is guaranteed to go with whatever you wear and tote bags are great for hoarders like me.
Turtle Neck- I cannot get enough of turtle necks this season, so much so I am dreading the arrival of warmer weather! Just like a good pair of black skinnies, throw on a turtle neck and you can look super stylish in a matter of seconds.
Lace crop- These are always handy to have in your wardrobe for throwing on underneath shirts and drop arm tops. They also look fab on a night out with a skirt or some high-waisted trousers.
Leopard Print- Because everyone has to own at least one leopard print item in their wardrobe.
Slouchy Tee- Perfect for lazy days and are super comfy yet cool. I have them in every colour
Silver Stacking Rings- If I leave the house without my rings I feel naked. I love how adding some silver jewellery can really finish off an outfit. I am after a Pandora ring for my Birthday, I especially love their birthstone rings.

1 February 2015

Leopard Print Topshop Skirt

Leopard Print Topshop Skirt 3 Leopard Print Topshop Skirt 6 Leopard Print Topshop Skirt 4 Leopard Print Topshop Skirt 5 Leopard Print Topshop Skirt 2
Skirt- Topshop
Jacket- Bank
Shirt & Boots- F&F
Bag & Hat- Primark
There was the concern when I picked up this skirt that I would look like Pat Butchers living room curtains but a vote on Instagram from you guys made me keep it. I was missing some leopard print in my wardrobe so I thought I would go bold rather then go home!!
This was quite a pricey number at £35 but I spied this one in the sale which is pretty similar and for only £12.
Hope you all had a nice weekend?