4 January 2015

New Balance

New Balance 3 New Balance 5 New Balance 7 New Balance 4
New Balance Trainers- c/o Get the Label
Jumper- Forever 21
Jeans- Topshop
Jacket- Bank
The last pair of trainers I owned were a cheapo pair from Primark when I attempted (and failed) to join the gym a few years back. That was until I saw all of the super cool fashion bloggers rocking New Balance with skinny jeans and I wanted some of my own. I'm not all that happy with these pics as I hate how small flat shoes make me look, also the lens I currently own is driving me mad. It's quite an old one so doesn't actually auto focus on my Nikon. These snaps were the best out a really big (and very out of focused) bunch. I am planning on buying a new one with my Christmas money but I am struggling to decide on whether to get the 50mm or 35mm. Can anyone help?
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I'm currently crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry's about the fact I have to go back to work tomorrow


  1. Gorgeous trainers! I have a soft spot for New Balance :) Oooh exciting with the new lens! I have both and whilst the 50mm definitely makes for the dreamiest bokeh backgrounds, you do have to be about 5 meters away from everything in order to fit it into shot so I got the 35 mm for a halfway house. I've been using my 35 mm for the last few months for my outfit shots if that helps
    Chambray & Curls

  2. I’m also looking at getting a new lens so laura has helped me out too and think I may invest in a 50mm but it won’t be for a while! I also love wearing trainers, I own more than actual shoes but don’t own a pair of NB (yet). You look so comfy and casual... Love it!


  3. I love the skinny jeans and trainers look! Cutttte. Don't buy the 35mm! I have both and I've probably used my 35mm once in the past year and that was only because I was tired and grabbed it by accident! Ha!

    Tara x

  4. I love the jeans! I really want to get them xx



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