27 January 2015

The Body Shop Deep Sleep Mist

Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Sleep 2
Sleep. One of life's most precious necessities but something I have struggled with for years. Rather than 8 hours of pure uninterrupted bliss I am often met with a night of tossing and turning and an overactive brain!
Insomnia is something I am quite vocal about, so when it came to doing Secret Santa with my friends from home my gift giver obviously knew that the 'Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist' would be greatly appreciated.
There are all sorts of weird oils & fruits and things I can't pronounce in this little bottle but let me tell you....it works. I must admit, I wasn't expecting to put sleeping beauty out of a job but upon first use I had the best night's sleep in a really long time. I put it down to coincidence (so cynical) but the next night I slept just as well. I have no idea how it works but frankly I don't really care. If I can hit the pillow and wander off to the land of nod for a decent amount of time I am one happy customer.
I usually spray it on my neck behind my ears and on my wrists (I have heard putting it on your pulse points is the most effective way) 15 minutes before I go to sleep. As soon as I put it on I instantly feel relaxed but that might have something to do with the fact that it smells like I am in a luxury spa.
I haven't really had much experience with Body Shop before but having gained a few things in the past month I can say I am mega impressed. Pass me all of the relaxing, nice scented, make me beautiful products!! 

25 January 2015

side splits

Glamorous Jumper 2 glamorous jumper 3 glamorous jumper 5 Glamorous jumper 4 Glamorous jumper
Jumper- c/o Glamorous
Jeans- Topshop
Jacket- c/o Bank
Boots- c/o Ash Footwear
Hat- Primark
This morning I was sat in bed watching Essie Button's 'Non Beauty Favourites' video and she mentioned two youtubers called Julia & Maya who run a joint channel called 'The Line Up'. I decided to check them out for myself and it's safe to say I am already obsessed (and want to own all of the turtle neck knitwear that was ever made!!!!)
The amazingly stylish pair from Scandinavia ooze the minimalistic and edgy style that their home town is so well known for and every single look they put together is flawless. I have definitely been influenced a lot by Scandi style recently and I am finding myself strongly attracted to pieces that are simple yet still a statement....like this amazing longline split side jumper from Glamorous.
A couple of weeks back I was craving for the warmer months but now I want winter to hang around forever so I can keep wearing chunky knits, turtle necks and amazing jackets!!

22 January 2015

We do things differently up here- MOSI Manchester

MOSI Manchester 4 MOSI Manchester 3
Last week the NY Times singled out Manchester as the one place to visit in the UK for 2015, so it only seems right that this post goes up now.
The city of Manchester holds a very big place in my heart. Not only is it where I chose to spend 3 crazy, wild and unforgettable years at university, it's where I decided to set up home with my other half. It's been 8 years now, I have watched it change, watched it grow and each year I fall in love with the city just that little bit more.
Those of you who have visited the city I'm sure would have been bowled over by the eclectic mix of restaurants, bar, eateries, shops and hotels that are on offer. From the hustle of bustle of Spinningfields with its mismatch of architecture to the criss-cross of quirky lanes & colour in the Northern Quarter, Manchester is brimming with culture and excitement. In 2015 alone 22 new bars and restaurants are tipped to open in the city with pleases me no end.
Apart from the abundance of amazing food on offer, one of my favourite things about Manchester is the fashion. Every corner you turn you are met with such a mix of style and individuality. Put me in a window on market street and I could sit there all day and watch the world go by (and rack up an extremely long wish list of clothes that I wish I could afford!!!).
To celebrate everything that has made Manchester the incredible place it is today, The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) have collaborated with designers RUDE and produced a Manchester collection called 'we do things differently up here'. As a proud Manchester Blogger I was more than happy to spread the word about this awesome collection. I was gifted the notebook in the first picture but there are plenty of other fun and colourful items available on the website. Those of you who haven't already, should also make some time to visit the museum it's so much fun and the best part is it's free.
What is it that you love about Manchester?  

18 January 2015

F&F shirt & Boots

f&f Boots 2 f&f Boots 3 f&f Boots 4 f&f Boots 5 f&f Boots 6 F&F Boots
Hat & Bag- Primark
Jacket- c/o Bank
Shirt & Boots- F&F
Jeans- Topshop
It seems as though the elements are still against me as far as outfit photos are concerned. Last week it was hurricane force winds and this week, thick fog. I try to stick to at least one outfit post a week but as I have to fit my blogging around my full time job sometimes this proves difficult.
I ordered these boots online from F&F and when they arrived I knew not even a blizzard could stop me from posting about them. I am really appreciating anything with a pointed toe at the moment, especially ankle boots. I find it hard to believe I only paid £12 for these ones, the gold on the inside of the heel makes them extra special. I think they may have sold out now (sorry) but there are still some beauties available in the sale.
I have 4 pairs of boots from F&F now and I have to say they are fast becoming my favourite brand for footwear.

14 January 2015

Neutral Basics

Neutral 2
Simply because I am loving all things neutral & basic this month

12 January 2015

Fave products of 2014

2014 Beauty Favourites 2 2014 Beauty Favourites 3 2014 Beauty Favourites 2014 Beauty Favourites 4
What's this? A beauty post???
This year I want to kick my blog up a notch and produce some different content from what I am used to. As much as I love doing outfit posts, the crappy English weather and dull winter days make it really difficult to get anything other than 1 post a week up. I was playing around with my new 50mm lens at the weekend taking pictures of my make up so I decided to do a post featuring some faves from 2014.
Lush Bathbombs- Bit late on the bus with this one! I tried Lush products a few years back and my horrendous sensitive skin had a field day with a couple of their bathbombs. Red, itchy skin after taking a bath is not the one, however I have since found that some Lush products I am ok with (usually the ones without the glitter and dried flower mess inside). This one is called 'sexbomb' and smells exactly like parma violets...HELLO childhood!
The Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream- Oh my sweet sugary heaven this smells devine. It does exactly what it needs too without being greasy and the scent lingers on your hands for ages after applying. It is such a nice product to have in your handbag....I am now tempted to buy the body butter (and perhaps everything else in this scent).
Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne- This hands down wins my absolute fave product of 2014. I first discovered Jo Malone at the start of last year (I know...last on the bus with this one too) and instantly fell in love with their unusual and luxurious scents. Every time I accidently (on purpose) stumble through Selfridges I find myself wandering over to the counter to have a smell.
Wood Sage and Sea Salt is a fresh, woody scent but is still super girly.
I have also recently discovered their 'Cologne Intense' collection and they are all so beautiful but at £100 for a bottle I might have to keep them on the wishlist for now.
Make Up Revolution Sugar & Spice Palette-  What is not to love about this brand. Blush, contour and highlight shades all in one palette and for £6 I think it's an absolute steal. All of the shades are amazingly pigmented and relatively long lasting for the price. I have tried a few things from Make Up Revolution this year and I have to say I am mega impressed, especially with their nail varnishes. (Sorry for not swatching...but rubbish at this beauty blogging malarkey!) 

11 January 2015

Longline Warehouse Jacket

warehouse jacket 2 warehouse jacket 6 warehouse jacket 4 warehouse 7 warehouse jacket 3 warehouse jacket 5
Top & Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- F&F
Bag- Primark
Hat- Boohoo
I HAVE A NEW LENS...I HAVE A NEW LENS!!! Santa was very kind to me this year and gave me some pennies to upgrade my kit lens to the 50mm 1.8, I can't believe how much of a difference it has made to my pictures. Granted these outfit photos could have been a bit better but I am still trying to get used to the proper camera settings (I am trying to come off auto) and standing on the roof of a car park in strong winds wasn't my best idea either!
I was kindly sent this amazing racing green jacket from warehouse a few weeks back and it hasn't left my side since. I love having versatile pieces in my wardrobe, this jacket is perfect for the office but also looks great paired with a pair of ripped skinnies. It also doesn't crease which is a bonus for me, the iron can stay firmly in the cupboard....where it belongs!!!
Hope you all had a nice weekend

4 January 2015

New Balance

New Balance 3 New Balance 5 New Balance 7 New Balance 4
New Balance Trainers- c/o Get the Label
Jumper- Forever 21
Jeans- Topshop
Jacket- Bank
The last pair of trainers I owned were a cheapo pair from Primark when I attempted (and failed) to join the gym a few years back. That was until I saw all of the super cool fashion bloggers rocking New Balance with skinny jeans and I wanted some of my own. I'm not all that happy with these pics as I hate how small flat shoes make me look, also the lens I currently own is driving me mad. It's quite an old one so doesn't actually auto focus on my Nikon. These snaps were the best out a really big (and very out of focused) bunch. I am planning on buying a new one with my Christmas money but I am struggling to decide on whether to get the 50mm or 35mm. Can anyone help?
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I'm currently crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry's about the fact I have to go back to work tomorrow