21 December 2014

Christmas Skirt

HM Skirt HM Skirt 3 HM Skirt 2 HM Skirt 4
Jacket- c/o Bank
Tee- Primark & Clutch
Fur Stole- Off my c/o NaaNaa Clothing coat
Boots & Hat- Boohoo
I have probably mentioned it before but I have never been one for being girly. Every year when Xmas party season comes round I have the same last minute panic about the glitter hell that I am faced with when I go to shop for my outfit!!
Although girly clothes are not my forte I do enjoy taking moderately girly things and putting an androgynous/grungy twist on them. I wore this skirt for my works doo with a black crop, statement necklace and my leather jacket. I also love how it looks here with boots....my legs were freezing and I was hungover so pat on the back to Tim for taking pictures that actually looked ok!

9 December 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Xmas 3 Xmas 4 Xmas 2 Xmas 5
I love Christmas because....
1. The dark, cold, wintery weather means nights in front of the crackling fire and lighting lots of candles
2. When the sun rises on a frosty morning it paints a beautiful canvas of pinks and purples across the early sky
3. The Christmas markets arrive in Manchester and the city centre if filled with the smell of hearty festive food and drink
4. We get to decorate the house from head to toe in twinkling lights without feeling over the top

5. Mulled wine & Christmas Films
6. You get to wrap up warm and go for walks. There is nothing better than the crunch of frost under your boots
7. You can sink into warm bubble baths every night
8. I get to dig out my hot water bottle!
9. I can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, tea and for supper
10. When I go back home my little village is always filled with Christmas carols and the tree on the green is covered in lights reminding me of when I was a little girl.

8 December 2014

Meet Bella

Bella Bella 2 Bella 3
Every year when I was a little girl I would blow out the candles on my birthday cake and wish for a cat. My wish half came true when our next door neighbours cat adopted us as his second home but I still always wanted one of my own.
Fast forward many years later and I am now the proud *slightly obsessed* owner of a 5 month old semi long haired tabby called Bella.
On a rainy Saturday a few weeks back we randomly decided to visit our local cat rescue centre. We had been there a few times before but had always left empty handed, getting a cat wasn't something we were going to rush into and I wanted to make sure we got one that was right for us.
There was a real mixture of gorgeous mogs there that day and initially we had our eye on a fat ginger tabby called Rufus...that was until we spotted a cage with 3 tiny fluffballs piled up on top of each other. At first we were drawn to the grey boy who with his piercing green eyes melted my heart but he was a nervous little thing. The girl explained to us that the 3 of them had been feral from birth and were still very apprehensive of people. I then spotted Bella (She was named Minky at the time) and my heart melted even more. It didn't take much convincing!! An hour later we were home with our new addition.
The first few days she hid behind the sofa and wouldn't come out...not even to eat. I was worried that she would be like that all of the time but slowly she started to come out of her shell and is now ruling the roost!
She absolutely loves rolling on her back and having her fluffy belly tickled and at the same time every night she brings me her favourite toy mouse to play fetch with. She is super affectionate and when me and Tim are lying on the sofa watching tv she comes and squeezes in the middle of us. Bella is also your classic keyboard cat and she definitely wont think twice about sprawling her fluff over my keyboard when I am trying to blog (she is doing it now).
Cheeky personality aside.....I couldn't have asked for a better cat

7 December 2014

NaaNaa Boyfriend Coat

Shirt & Jeans- Topshop
Hat- Boohoo
Boots- c/o Ash
Being impatient is one of my worst habits. This amazing coat from NaaNaa arrived yesterday morning and as soon as it came out of the packaging I dragged Tim to take some pictures.....hence the creases! My mother wouldn't be very impressed!!
Creases aside I am sure you can still appreciate how gorgeous the coat is, how beautiful is the colouring in the fur?  
I feel as though I am showing the same clothes over and over on my blog now. So much so I have stopped putting where things are from...you know the drill! I just get too attached to the staples in my wardrobe. Sorry!
This weekend was spent eating an insane amount of carbs and chasing the kitten out from 6ft up the xmas tree. Now the baubles are on Christmas has definitely come early for her.