16 November 2014

Knee High Primark Boots

Knee High Boots Primark 2 Knee High Boots Primark 8 Knee High Boots Primark 4 Knee High Boots Primark 5 Knee High Boots Primark 3 Knee High Boots Primark 6
Jacket- Bank
Everything else- Primark
I have always been an ankle boot kind of girl but I have recently been enjoying the over the knee trend that I keep seeing on other bloggers. I can't say for sure as I haven't tried any on but I don't think my short stumpy legs would look right in a pair. I came across these knee high ones at the weekend and fell in love. I definitely think they look a lot more expensive than £20...Primark outdid themselves on this occasion!


  1. Love this whole outfit! £20 is a absolute bargain for those shoes, they look far more expensive!!xx


  2. Ah those boots are amazing I can't believe how cheap they are! Primark have some real gems in at the minute!


  3. Love this outfit, the boots are such a steal and look way more expensive than they are! The tiny bag is super cute too x


  4. ERM, what a freakin' bargain!? I own some OTK boots but I've never worn them...I should probably whip them out for A/W!

    Tara x


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