23 November 2014

Glamorous Skirt

Glamorous Skirt 4 glamorous skirt 7 Glamorous Skirt 3 Glamorous Skirt Glamorous Skirt 5 Glamorous Skirt 6
Jumper- New Look
Boots & Bag- Primark
Hat- Boohoo
For as long as I can remember I have favoured skinny jeans over skirts and dresses. I still tend to steer away from dresses even on nights out but my skirt collection however is growing rapidly. I work full time in an office and find a lot of work wear hideous. But throw on a nice fitting skirt and your looking smart and stylish and you haven't spent your hard earned cash on horrible fitting black trews that never leave the office! I absolutely adore this A line skirt from Glamorous...it fits so nicely around the waist, it's the perfect length and looks so 60's...I love it. I also love this cowl neck jumper which I picked up in the New Look sale for ten pounds. I never wear pink but I thought it would look really nice paired with the skirt. Who said winter was just for black and white!


  1. You suit the pink so much!


  2. I LOVE the pink colour of your New Look jumper! You look very pretty in pink. Your jumper looks great styled with your Glamorous Geo Aztec Brocade Print A line mini-skirt, dark blue hosiery and Bohoo hat.


  3. OMG the colour of that fedora is just stunning, I need! x

  4. How cute do you look in that pink jumper!? Sweet skirt too, I think I only have about 3 skirts - I need to invest!

    Tara x

  5. I was eyeing up these boots last time I was in Primark look great on.


Thanks for your comments :) xx