13 November 2014

Get More Vitamin Drinks

Get More Drink
This is a bit of a random one for the blog but I thought I would go with it as Vitamins are important kids!
After receiving a bottle of 'get more' in a goodie bag at the Rare London event a few months back I was contacted to see if I wanted to be sent some samples to blog about. Drinking is one of life necessities so I thought why not but then I actually read the email properly and realised these were just a little bit more than bottles of water.
The Mango and Passion Fruit Vitamin D drink actually provides you with 200% of your daily recommended allowance and you also get a bit of calcium in there too. I was told by the doctor a few years back that I had a vitamin D deficiency (I blame the UK and its lack of sunshine) and that I was to take daily tablets for the foreseeable future. Now...I am horrendously rubbish at taking tablets, I always forget to take them or take them for a week and give up! If I can get at least some of my Vits from a drink form then I can't complain and they actually taste pretty good. They get a thumbs up from me for quirky packaging too.
There are also 3 other flavour/vitamin combinations available if you fancy shaking up the vitamin intake a bit more!
Have you tried any of the 'get more' drinks?

(*can be found in most Tesco stores)


  1. If heard vitamin A is amazing for the skin, so I'll definetely be trying that! X


  2. I've tried the Get More B Vitamin drinks, so the apple and raspberry one! I really enjoy them and as you say it's a great way to top up on those vitamins in a tasty way! x

  3. Do they taste scrummy? I probably need some extra Vitamin D too!

    Tara x


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