30 November 2014

Chiara Jacket

Chiara Fashion 3 Chiara Fashion 6 Chiara Fashion 4 Chiara Fashion 5 Chiara Fashion 2
Jacket- c/o Chiara Fashion
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- c/o Ash Footwear
Hat & Bag- Primark
I'm not too happy with how these pictures came out bit we were in a rush in between doing the usual boring Sunday grown up chores and putting up our new 7 FOOT Christmas tree.
This evening I made our living room all festive whilst listening to the Now that's what I call Disney album. Perfection!

25 November 2014

Home Sweet Home Northern Quarter (Manchester)

Home Sweet Home Northern Quarter 5 Home Sweet Home Northern Quarter 6 Home Sweet Home Northern Quarter 8 Home Sweet Home Northern Quarter 7
Even though I have lived in Manchester for 8 years now, I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to eating out. New restaurants keep popping up all around the city and old ones are begging to be tried. Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter has been on my list for some time now and after hearing good things from numerous different people, me and Tim decided to give it a go.
I wasn't sure what to expect but I certainly didn't anticipate what I was met with. On first appearances it looks like somewhere you would go to enjoy a slice of cake (I'll come on to that in a second) but in reality Home Sweet Home is quirky café meets American diner. The food comes in extremely generous portions and served typical yankee syle in classic red baskets. Pancakes and waffles adorn the breakfast menu and the milkshakes come in a range of devilish flavours.
Although I am by no means vegetarian, quite often my eyes drift to the veggie selection on a menu. On this occasion I was particularly drawn to the chilli bean burrito *served with cheese, lettuce, fries (inside), chipotle sour cream, guac mayo and pico de gallo*. I can tell you this little Mexican delight was delicious. Tim.....lover of all things meat actually had several bites, you know coz his giant chilli hot dog wasn't enough!!!!
To share we unnecessarily (but totally justifiable) ordered a side of jalapeno mac n cheese. Oh sweet creamy gooey cheesy jesus this was good. I loved the kick that the jalapenos gave it...perfect combination of flavours. And who doesn't love a side dish served in an aluminium cup!
Whilst I wrap this up I will leave you to drool over the amazing cake creations that are on offer for dessert (or to take out if your too full like us). Home Sweet Home are renowned for their incredibly bizarre cakes and take it from me....they taste as good as they look. And yes that is chocolate teeth you see in the picture above!
Have you been to Home Sweet Home?

23 November 2014

Glamorous Skirt

Glamorous Skirt 4 glamorous skirt 7 Glamorous Skirt 3 Glamorous Skirt Glamorous Skirt 5 Glamorous Skirt 6
Jumper- New Look
Boots & Bag- Primark
Hat- Boohoo
For as long as I can remember I have favoured skinny jeans over skirts and dresses. I still tend to steer away from dresses even on nights out but my skirt collection however is growing rapidly. I work full time in an office and find a lot of work wear hideous. But throw on a nice fitting skirt and your looking smart and stylish and you haven't spent your hard earned cash on horrible fitting black trews that never leave the office! I absolutely adore this A line skirt from Glamorous...it fits so nicely around the waist, it's the perfect length and looks so 60's...I love it. I also love this cowl neck jumper which I picked up in the New Look sale for ten pounds. I never wear pink but I thought it would look really nice paired with the skirt. Who said winter was just for black and white!

16 November 2014

Knee High Primark Boots

Knee High Boots Primark 2 Knee High Boots Primark 8 Knee High Boots Primark 4 Knee High Boots Primark 5 Knee High Boots Primark 3 Knee High Boots Primark 6
Jacket- Bank
Everything else- Primark
I have always been an ankle boot kind of girl but I have recently been enjoying the over the knee trend that I keep seeing on other bloggers. I can't say for sure as I haven't tried any on but I don't think my short stumpy legs would look right in a pair. I came across these knee high ones at the weekend and fell in love. I definitely think they look a lot more expensive than £20...Primark outdid themselves on this occasion!

13 November 2014

Get More Vitamin Drinks

Get More Drink
This is a bit of a random one for the blog but I thought I would go with it as Vitamins are important kids!
After receiving a bottle of 'get more' in a goodie bag at the Rare London event a few months back I was contacted to see if I wanted to be sent some samples to blog about. Drinking is one of life necessities so I thought why not but then I actually read the email properly and realised these were just a little bit more than bottles of water.
The Mango and Passion Fruit Vitamin D drink actually provides you with 200% of your daily recommended allowance and you also get a bit of calcium in there too. I was told by the doctor a few years back that I had a vitamin D deficiency (I blame the UK and its lack of sunshine) and that I was to take daily tablets for the foreseeable future. Now...I am horrendously rubbish at taking tablets, I always forget to take them or take them for a week and give up! If I can get at least some of my Vits from a drink form then I can't complain and they actually taste pretty good. They get a thumbs up from me for quirky packaging too.
There are also 3 other flavour/vitamin combinations available if you fancy shaking up the vitamin intake a bit more!
Have you tried any of the 'get more' drinks?

(*can be found in most Tesco stores)

10 November 2014

Homeware Haul

Sign, Basket, Cushion and Wicker Heart- B&M
Postcards, Candle & Planpot- Ikea
Plant- Tesco
When you live in a rented house there is only so much you can do to make the space your own. Every now and again I like to spruce up the living room with a few little knick knacks, homeware shopping is my therapy and last week was a struggle so I took a few trips.
Last weekend it was to the mothership (*ikea) as it was a miserable day and I had a serious hot dog craving (if you haven't had one you haven't lived), obviously I couldn't depart empty handed so an obligatory candle made it's way into my basket along with these pretty postcards which I have now put into old photo frames.
The ultimate mothership for homeware however is B&M. I simply cannot enter that shop without buying something even if I don't need it. The 4 items pictured above all together came in under £10 which is insane if you ask me. You can't even get a door knob in most home shops for that!
When I am 87 and finally have a place to call my own there will definitely be a nod towards the Scandinavian décor that is floating around Pinterest at the moment. I love anything grey and neutral...my boards are slowly filling up with inspiration ready to go one day.

9 November 2014

Autumn with Ash

Ash Footwear boots Ash footwear boots 3 Ash footwear boots 4 ash footwear boots 7 Ash Footwear boots 2 ash footwear boots 5 ash footwear boots 6
Hat- Boohoo
Jacket- c/o Bank
Jumper, Bag & Scarf- Primark
Jeans- Topshop
These brown suede boots from Ash Footwear made their way into my life just as was in the market for a new brown pair and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes you can't beat breaking up an all black outfit which some chunky brown footwear.
Work has been so busy the last few weeks so I have been a bit slow with the posts, today I spent ages taking pictures so will you have 3 posts this week you lucky mares!
Hope you had a nice weekend.

2 November 2014

Slouchy Boohoo Jumper

boohoo hat 5 boohoo hat 4 boohoo hat 2 boohoo hat 3 Boohoo Hat
Jumper & Hat- Boohoo
Skirt & Bag- Primark
Boots- c/o Bank
The radio silence on my blog has been for a reason..last weekend I was spending time with my Disney family (my old roommates from when I worked there) and this weekend our household acquired a new furry friend. Once she has settled in I am sure she will be making an appearance.
My hat collection is getting bigger by the day, I have gone from fedora virgin to full blown addict in a matter of months. This burgundy beauty from Boohoo is the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe along with the super cosy oversized jumper.