12 October 2014

Grey days

wallis shirt 2 wallis shirt 4 Wallis shirt wallis shirt 5 wallis shirt 3 wallis shirt 6 Hat- Primark
Shirt- Wallis
Jeans- Topshop
Jacket & Boots- F&F

I was just looking over my old outfit photos from 2012 and having a right old laugh...I think it's safe to say they have improved quite a bit, mostly thanks to my other half now being behind the camera. Every weekend I used to lug the tripod to the back of our overgrown garden and pose awkwardly in front of the self timer...I didn't even have a remote! I am really proud of where I am at with my blog now, I have learnt so much about photography, composition, editing, and all things digital and I feel super lucky for the opportunities I have been given recently.

Onto the clothes....I couldn't wrap this up without mentioning the snake print shirt I picked up in the Wallis sale last week, it's a bit different to something I'd normally go for but I definitely think Pat Butcher would be proud. I also picked up this grey fedora from Primark which I have so much time for. A guy in Tesco told me he 'liked my hat' last night so that was nice, although I think he may have had a few too many beers..it may have been sarcasm!


  1. Love this, blogging definitely takes time. I think once you really get into it everything comes together a bit better! X


  2. Oh god if I looked back to my early photos they would make me cringe. That snake print shirt is fab

  3. Loving all the grey! Grey is THE colour for A/W after all. ;) Haha, whenever I wear a hat I attract all the drunk men. My old blog snaps make me cringe. :(

    Tara x

  4. love your hat and jacket! It's great looking over old posts and seeing have far your have improved. xx

  5. Love the hat and coat! Its amazing to see how your blog has progressed! x


  6. I love this outfit, especially the jacket! The nearest f&f is really far away from me so I always forget to check it out.

    And the hat is very dapper so I'm sure he wasn't being sarcastic!


  7. Love this look, especially the shirt! You have such lovely effortless style :)

    Alice ¦ Always, Alice x

  8. looking good, love your coat and shirt! xx


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