5 October 2014

F&F window pane check coatigan

fandf jacket 2 fandf jacket 3 fandf jacket 6 fandf jacket 5 fandf jacket 4
Jumper & Skirt- Primark
Bag- New Look
Hat- Topshop
Boots- Boohoo
Huge thumbs up to the big yellow ball in the sky for playing hide and seek during these pictures...not!! I am however on a more positive note slowly getting to grips with my new 50mm lens, I hope you think my pics have improved slightly?
I've not got much to say today other than how on point are Tesco (F&F) with this window pane coatigan?! They seriously have some amazing stuff in store and online this season, I have my eye on one or two (maybe several) coats at the moment. Tim better hide the clubcard!


  1. Lovely outfit. Cute hat and skirt.

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. The colour of your Primark jumper is very pretty. The complementary contrasts of your jumper, plaid Primark skirt and navy blue tights along with the layering look of your F+F coatigan add to your outfit's lovely look.



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