28 October 2014

Blogs I love

my fave style blogs

Amy- Salt & Chic

I met Amy a few weeks back at a blog event....lovely girl and great style. I love her latest blog post, the burnt orange jumper is autumn perfection!

Blogs I love 4

Hannah- Hannah Louise Fashion

Hannah can literally pull off anything...and she has amazing hair!

blogs I love 5

Tara- Style Rawr

Tara always look so well put together, she is such a lovely girl and always leaves me the best blog comments.

Blogs I love 3


I have followed Emma pretty much from the start, she has the most amazing effortless style and I have loved watching her blog grow.

Blogs I love 6

Kacie- Shy Girl Loud Voice

I wish I could pull off Boho as well as Kacie can. She always has such beautiful photography and amazing hats!!

Blogs I love 1

Charlotte- Blonde Canvas

I am always envious of Charlottes stunning photography and chic style.

blogs I love 2
Who are your favourite style bloggers?

22 October 2014

Gorilla Manchester

gorilla manchester 5 Gorilla Manchester 2 gorilla manchester 3 gorilla manchester 4

Those of you who you live in Manchester or are familiar with the city will know that it's fast becoming a hot spot for quirky, laid back eateries. Although there are a few chain restaurants out there that I enjoy eating at (namely everyone's favourite chicken restaurant) I definitely prefer going to somewhere a bit off the wall and individual.

Nestled under the train tracks of Oxford Road Station is Gorilla, an amalgamation of  Bar, Kitchen & Live Music Venue. It offers a no frills vibe with its wooden school chairs, exposed brick walls and tea towels instead of napkins and is spilling with people from all walks of life.

I went for the salt and pepper chicken wings to start. Being a pro in the Chinese starters field I was a bit disappointed with these...All batter and no spice but the main more than main up for it.

Having had the aubergine and halloumi burger twice in the past (all of the good adjectives) I decided to go for something different, this being the chermoula chicken kebab. It was supposed to come with puy lentils but they taste like the earth so naturally I went for seasoned fries. The chicken was marinated perfectly and was moist so thumbs up from me (nothing worse than dry chicken) and I enjoyed the Harrissa mayonnaise and flat bread it came with. The star of the show was the Halloumi side dish. Halloumi is my all time favourite cheese and when mixed with peppers, onions and a lime and chilli marinade well....do I need to go on!!!

Tim had the steak with chimichurri marinade and parmesan and truffle oil fries which were delicious. Too much truffle oil can upset your taste buds but they had just the right amount to create a really unique flavour.

Next time your in the city centre make sure you check out Gorilla....oh and cocktails are £5 before 8pm so what you waiting for!


19 October 2014

Halloween with Bank Fashion

Bank Fashion 4 Bank Fashion 2 Bank Fashion 3 Bank Fashion 6 Bank Fashion 7
Jacket, Shirt and Boots- c/o Bank
Long Sleeved crop- Zara
Jeans and Hat- Topshop
Bag- Primark
When Bank asked if I would like to pick an all black outfit to pay homage to the spooky season I absolutely had to say yes. Black is my all time favourite colour when it comes clothing, it goes with everything, it's super flattering and utterly timeless. I love it even more when it is paired with pony skin leopard print.....how incredible are these boots!
Bank is not somewhere I usually shop but I was horrendously spoilt for choice on their website. I was also surprised by how many amazing brands they sell. The leather jacket is by a brand called Blonde & Blonde and oh my life...their stuff is a dream!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

14 October 2014

Tartan Tuesdays

tartan primark scarf primark scarf 3 tartan primark scarf 5 tartan primark scarf 3 tartan primark scarf 4
Hat & Scarf- Primark
Jacket- Debenhams
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- F&F
Bag- New Look
Just a super quick casual outfit post from me today, I have had a royally rubbish day at work so I am running a bath and planning to sulk into my bubbles!

12 October 2014

Grey days

wallis shirt 2 wallis shirt 4 Wallis shirt wallis shirt 5 wallis shirt 3 wallis shirt 6 Hat- Primark
Shirt- Wallis
Jeans- Topshop
Jacket & Boots- F&F

I was just looking over my old outfit photos from 2012 and having a right old laugh...I think it's safe to say they have improved quite a bit, mostly thanks to my other half now being behind the camera. Every weekend I used to lug the tripod to the back of our overgrown garden and pose awkwardly in front of the self timer...I didn't even have a remote! I am really proud of where I am at with my blog now, I have learnt so much about photography, composition, editing, and all things digital and I feel super lucky for the opportunities I have been given recently.

Onto the clothes....I couldn't wrap this up without mentioning the snake print shirt I picked up in the Wallis sale last week, it's a bit different to something I'd normally go for but I definitely think Pat Butcher would be proud. I also picked up this grey fedora from Primark which I have so much time for. A guy in Tesco told me he 'liked my hat' last night so that was nice, although I think he may have had a few too many beers..it may have been sarcasm!

6 October 2014

Dreaming about decor

home inspiration

I have been dreaming about redecorating our living room a lot lately but we just don't have the spare cash lying around. I absolutely adore the clean, simple and uncluttered feel of Scandinavian d├ęcor so I decided to create a home inspo wishlist ...just to torment myself you know!!

5 October 2014

F&F window pane check coatigan

fandf jacket 2 fandf jacket 3 fandf jacket 6 fandf jacket 5 fandf jacket 4
Jumper & Skirt- Primark
Bag- New Look
Hat- Topshop
Boots- Boohoo
Huge thumbs up to the big yellow ball in the sky for playing hide and seek during these pictures...not!! I am however on a more positive note slowly getting to grips with my new 50mm lens, I hope you think my pics have improved slightly?
I've not got much to say today other than how on point are Tesco (F&F) with this window pane coatigan?! They seriously have some amazing stuff in store and online this season, I have my eye on one or two (maybe several) coats at the moment. Tim better hide the clubcard!

2 October 2014

SoLita Manchester

solita didsbury 2 solita didsbury 4 solita didsbury 3 solita didsbury SoLita started life on the quirky corners of the Northern Quarter in Manchester and has recently expanded it's meaty goodness to the suburbs of Didsbury. This restaurant isn't for the faint hearted or those who prefer the healthy side of life...SoLita serves nothing but hearty, warm your belly kind of comfort food.

The last time I visited the one in the NQ I played it safe and went for the bean burger....but this time round I was obviously feeling more daring (and hungry) so ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger with 60/40 mash. Think KFC but with its posh pants on! The chicken was so succulent and the batter....mouth watering. The gravy was also amazing, it's a shame you only get a small pot. The only thing I was a bit miffed about was having to pay an extra £1.90 to swap my chips for mash (serves me right for trying to be healthy) and the portion was tiny...this however was justified when the manager kindly brought me out another dish of the buttery stuff. All was forgiven!

Tim went for the KFB burger, I can't remember what was in it but I did taste it and the bourbon sauce it was drowned in was mega.

They always have amazing specials on the go too, don't know if you can see them on the 2nd pic but this time round the 'Breville without a cause' (a cheese on toast burger) was the star of the show however I didn't fancy leaving having had a heart attack.

I have been to the likes of Meat Liquor in London and I have to say that SoLita is better, so next time your in Manchester make sure you pay a visit.

(I took these pictures on my phone..I was too embarrassed to whack out my DSLR!!)