30 September 2014

Lanzarote- Hidden Gems

As I grew older and my wanderlust became stronger, Lanzarote was never at the top of my travel to do list. That was until a few years back when Tim surprised me with a short break to Puerto Calero....the island stole a piece of my heart and I had been itching to go back since. This month we spent 10 beautiful days there and I fell in love even more. We stayed in a stunning villa on the south of the island, with our own pool and views out across the ocean, it really was the perfect place to be.

We didn't want to waste a single minute whilst we were there so our adventures started on day one. We jumped into our hire car and drove all the way up to the north of the island, here lies the most stunning coastline with chalk white sandy coves and nestled at the end of a long windy road is the beautifully calm village of Orzola. From here we caught the ferry over to La Graciosa, a gorgeous island filled with whitewashed houses and roads made from sand. Only 600 people live on the island and whilst sat on the almost deserted beach I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealously at their simple and laid back lifestyle.

Lanzarote 2014 2 Lanzarote 2014 lanzarote 2014 20

Tucked away on the Southwest coast of Lanzarote is the tiny fishing village of El Golfo, filled with authentic restaurants and stunning scenery it is the perfect place to hide away from anything touristy. Thanks to my parents who had visited the island earlier on the year we already knew about Lago Verde, a mysterious green pool sat in the middle of a volcanic beach. After a slightly treacherous climb down I spent some time trying to capture the amazing contrast of earthy colours on camera but it was just too difficult so we retired to the waves. I have never seen waves so big..at times they were about 8 feet high, amazing for any thrill seekers out there!

Lanzarote 2014 4 lanzarote 2014 5 lanzarote 2014 6

We spent hours wandering round the tiny whitewashed streets of Teguise. Our senses were spoilt with the amazing smells and colours coming from the quaint stalls at the market and I watched with admiration the locals brimming with passion for their trade. Every corner we turned there was something new to see, I love the guy sat in his window playing guitar to the crowds.

lanzarote 2014 3 lanzarote 2014 8 lanzarote 2014 19 lanzarote 2014 7 lanzarote 2014 24

We did some island hopping and sailed over to Fuertaventura for the day. With a drink in hand we spent hours relaxing on the vast sand dunes of Grandes Playas beach, when we got too hot we dipped in and out of the crystal clear sea.

lanzarote 2014 21

When the sunshine decided to stay behind the clouds one morning we took a daring drive up to Timanfaya national park. Here we rode camels and took a bus tour down the meandering volcanic roads, it was easy to feel like we were lost on the surface of mars...it's a shame we couldn't get out and explore more as the landscape was incredible.

lanzarote 2014 16

Some nights we took a trip up to Puerto Calero marina and over dinner talked about what we would do if we had enough money to own a super duper yacht.

lanzarote 2014 23

By accident we stumbled across an amazing abandoned hotel which was miles away from anywhere. We probably shouldn't have but neither of us could help stepping inside and stopping to imagine what the place could have been like if it had been completed all those years ago. Apparently the place was used by homeless people years ago which is why you can see doors and windows in place of where the balconies would have been. I must admit, the deserted bikes and shoes that were dotted around the place gave me the creeps but I had so much fun taking pictures. I loved how the empty floors framed the landscape behind...a photographers dream!

lanzarote 2014 15lanzarote 2014 14 lanzarote 2014 10

Many friends were made during our stay! The island is brimming with cats much to my delight and they were are all so friendly, I definitely considered sneaking a few in my suitcase.

lanzarote 2014 12 lanzarote 2014 13

I couldn't finish this post without mentioning the array of beautiful sunsets that we witnessed during our trip. I will never get bored of sitting by the ocean and watching the different colours dance across the sky.

I feel like Lanzarote is underestimated when it comes to beauty, there is so much to see and do that even the most adventurous of adventurers would be happy to go there.

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24 September 2014

Clashing Prints with Fashion Bible

Fashion Bible 3 Fashion Bible Fashion Bible 2 Fashion Bible 4
Playsuit- c/o Fashion Bible
Kimono- Newlook
Shoes, Bag & Belt- Primark
I have had this gorgeous Fashion Bible playsuit for a while now but I was well behaved and placed it in my 'save for holiday' pile. I wore this outfit out one evening when I knew I would be eating plenty...and by that I mean plenty of carbs and food baby inducing things. Playsuits are great for when you are feeling indulgent....there's nothing worse than having to undo a button on your shorts when you have eaten too much Pizza!
I love wearing clashing prints at the moment and although I would like to say it was intentional in this instance, I only took one going out bag with me so my choice was limited. I actually quite like how the monochrome geometric print contrasts with the oriental print on the playsuit.

23 September 2014

Printed Primark Trousers

Printed Trousers, Crop and Bag- Primark
Necklace- Shop Dixi
Shoes- Tesco Clothing
Sunglasses- Matalan
Rings- Market in Lanzarote
I am fully aware that Summer packed its bags and left a while ago but I have just crashed back to reality after an amazing 10 days in Lanzarote and wanted to share some of my holiday snaps. As we were away for a relaxing break I didn't want to pester my 'photographer' too much about outfit photos so I only did 2 lots...will post the other outfit tomorrow.
One of my work colleagues described these Printed Primark trousers as pyjama bottoms but I can't get over them. The print is so gorgeous and they were perfect for the evenings when it got a bit chilly, I will definitely be styling them into Autumn with a chunky cropped jumper and boots. I may have bought a similar pair at the market in Teguise whilst I was away!!

9 September 2014

Holiday Haul- Primark, New Look and Tesco

holiday haul 7 holiday haul 6 holiday haul 2 Holiday Haul holiday haul 9 holiday haul 4 holiday haul 5 holiday haul 3
I am jetting off for some sun tomorrow so I thought I would share some of the bits I picked up this weekend for my holiday. Most of it is from Primark (shock) with the exception of the black floral bikini which is from New Look and my amazing fugly shoes and book that I picked up from Tesco. The shoes are a bit gaudy but they were only £7 and I love them.
I really struggled to find some decent clothes for my holiday, most of the shops have ditched their summer stock and gone the full monty for Autumn. As much as I love the beautiful coats and boots that are gracing the high street at the moment...I was in desperate need of shorts and bikinis!!
I did however manage to find some bits in the sale from Primark and everything I found was under £10 (bargain of the century goes to the blue ripped shorts which were a fiver!!)
My absolute favourite find courtesy of my stylish mother is the amazing printed boho inspired trousers in the first picture. I can't wait to wear them in the evening with a little black crop and the boho necklace which I have also featured.
Primark have also stepped up their underwear game recently. I picked up this gorgeous Victoria Secret style t shirt bra for £2.50 and the quality is amazing, definitely going to go back and get some more.
I hope you liked this post...I am off to pack now :)
(These pictures were taken with a fancy 1.8 50mm lens which my Grandad kindly lent me and oh boy...it's a life changer)

3 September 2014

Ripped jeans checked shirt

ripped jeans 2 ripped jeans ripped jeans 6 ripped jeans 3 ripped jeans 5 ripped jeans 4
Top, bag and shoes- Primark
Jeans and shirt- Topshop
Hat- asos
The perfect outfit for the ridiculous excuse of a late summer we seem to be having, although I wish my strange cave of a belly button wasn't on show!!!!