18 August 2014

V Festival Live Stream- Be there without being there

It’s August and it’s raining, that could only mean one thing....V Festival. Today I will be jumping in a car to Weston Park with my tent, neon pink wellies and a sh*t tonne of dry shampoo and I can’t wait. I must admit when my boyfriend first presented me with the tickets back in March I had a mild panic, I hadn’t been to a camping festival in years and the thought of it scared me a little but after a few firm words from friends I decided life’s to short!! Out of all the festivals I have been to V is one of my favourites. It always has such a chilled out atmosphere and I love the variety of music they have every year. Even though I saw him in April, you can guarantee I will be front row for Justin (guilty pleasure). For those of you who didn’t manage to get tickets...or aren’t keen on the idea of going to a festival, don’t worry Virgin Media have got it covered. On Sunday the 17th they will be providing a live stream of the day so you can get involved in the action all from the comfort of your sofa (and without the stinky portaloos!)


  1. Ah I love V fest. A couple of our friends have gone this year. Unfortunately I had other priorities this year so couldnt go! I will go next year though!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

  2. Glad you went at the end and it's true life is way too short. going to anymore festivals?



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