28 August 2014

Pineapple Primark Skirt

Primark pineapple skirt 4 Primark Pineapple Skirt Primark pineapple skirt 5 Primark pineapple skirt 6 Primark pineapple skirt 3
Skirt, Tee, Bag, Shoes- Primak...(sorry!!)
Jacket- Debenhams
Hat- Topshop
Necklace- H&M
I am unintentionally in head to toe Primark here but that's usually how I roll! There are 2 reasons why I love this Pineapple print skirt, one.....because it's completely out of my comfort zone and two.....because it was only £5 in the sale.
As I am only 5 ft 3 I am not sure if I suit midi skirts but I love the print on this one. If I look like sack of tropical spuds at least I tried something different!!!!

24 August 2014

Glamorous Jacket

Glamorous jacket glamorous jacket 2 glamorous jacket 3 glamorous jacket 4 glamorous jacket 5
Jacket- c/o Glamorous
Tee & Bag- Primark
Jeans- Topshop
Boots- boohoo
This amazing jacket from Glamorous landed on my doorstep this morning and it is the perfect ray of sunshine I needed in my wardrobe. There is no denying that when it comes to clothing black is my absolute favourite go to colour but sometimes it's nice to inject some colour into your outfits. So why not go right in at the deep end with an acid yellow tweed jacket....I took a risk and it paid off because I love it.

22 August 2014

Kimono wishlist with Ark

ark kimonos
It's no secret that I am a massive fan of kimonos and I am happy to say that the trend will keep rolling in Autumn *hurrah*. They are such a perfect piece for that awkward transitional period between summer and the colder months. I hate it when you never quite know what to put on before you walk out the door....Coat? Cardigan? Tights?!!!! I also love the fact you can pair them with just about anything, who doesn't love versatility!
Ark have an amazing collection of kimonos online at the moment, I especially love the maxi kimono....the ethnic print is too die for but my favourite has to be the black and yellow embroidered one, it's such a beauty (how gorgeous is the model btw, she is killing it with the boho vibe)
Which is your favourite?

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21 August 2014

Festival Essentials + what I wore to V

v festival essentials

I have just got back from an amazing weekend at V so I thought I would put together a festival inspired post. There are several items that I always make sure I have with me to make that camping experience just a little easier!!!

Dry Shampoo- Festival campsites don't usually have showers and even if they do I am not too sure I would want to use them so dry shampoo is the ultimate essential. Luckily I can get away with 3 day hair but after that it starts getting funky.
Torch- Ever tried walking to the portaloos in the middle of the night without a torch? It's like the flipping crystal maze....tent ropes in the dark after a few drinks is a disaster waiting to happen.
Travel perfume bottle- You aren't allowed to take glass into most festivals and security won't hesitate to throw away your expensive bottle of chanel. Don't risk it.
Baby wipes- You will never appreciate baby wipes until you go to a festival.
Your favourite lipstick- There is no time for topping up your make up during the day...portaloos don't have mirrors and you don't want to be lugging your make up bag round with you when your in the arena. A quick coat of lippy can sort anything.
Sunglasses- Even if it isn't sunny they can hide a multitude of sins.
Floral crown- I think this is in the festival rule book.

What I wore below:
Floral crown, sunglasses and skirt- Primark
Kimono- c/o Glamorous
Dress- Forever 21
Wellies- Old

v festival outfits joules
I was kindly sent this sleeping bag too...isn't it Purdy! (c/o Joules)

18 August 2014

V Festival Live Stream- Be there without being there

It’s August and it’s raining, that could only mean one thing....V Festival. Today I will be jumping in a car to Weston Park with my tent, neon pink wellies and a sh*t tonne of dry shampoo and I can’t wait. I must admit when my boyfriend first presented me with the tickets back in March I had a mild panic, I hadn’t been to a camping festival in years and the thought of it scared me a little but after a few firm words from friends I decided life’s to short!! Out of all the festivals I have been to V is one of my favourites. It always has such a chilled out atmosphere and I love the variety of music they have every year. Even though I saw him in April, you can guarantee I will be front row for Justin (guilty pleasure). For those of you who didn’t manage to get tickets...or aren’t keen on the idea of going to a festival, don’t worry Virgin Media have got it covered. On Sunday the 17th they will be providing a live stream of the day so you can get involved in the action all from the comfort of your sofa (and without the stinky portaloos!)

10 August 2014

Paisley two piece

naanaa 2 naanaa 8 naanaa 7 naanaa naanaa 3 naanaa 6
Co-ord- c/o NAANAA
Kimono- c/o Glamorous
Hat- Topshop
Boots- Primark
I couldn't love this co-ord anymore if I tried, even if it does look slightly like I am wearing an old mans pj's. They definitely feel like pyjamas though...so comfy and I adore the contrast of the floral trim with the paisley print.
I am without a doubt going to be wearing this outfit at V Festival next week although the weather this weekend is suggesting wellies may be more appropriate.
I hope you all had a nice weekend?

4 August 2014

The Moon and the stars

glam 6 glam 5 glam 4 glam 2 glam 7 Glam
Jacket- Sheinside
Top, Bag & Shoes- Primark
Trousers- Glamorous
Jewellery- Primark & Shop Dixi
I bought a new hat...the obsession has began! This week I also made my first ever order on shop dixi and I am in Love. The moon necklace hasn't left my neck for days.