22 July 2014

Street food at its best- Backchich Liverpool

Bakchich bakchich 3 bakchich 2
My absolute favourite food is the messy, get stuck in and eat with your fingers kind. None of this single pea covered in sea foam on an oversized white plate nonsense....I am all about hearty, fill your boots goodness.
Located down the quirkiness that it Bold Street in Liverpool, Bakchich is a small but full of personality Lebanese Street food restaurant. My parents had raved about it for months so when me and my mum went for a shopping trip recently I wanted to try it for myself. Safe to say I wasn't disappointed.
We settled for the Shish Taouk to share and it was amazing. HUGE pieces of marinated chicken arrived on warm Lebanese flat bread and was accompanied with Arabic rice and Backchich salad (minus the parsley..bawk). The chicken melted as soon as it met my knife and along with the garlic & chilli sauces made for the most amazing flavour. The rice had a really lovely flavour and the salad was fresh and a nice contrast to the slight spice from the chicken.
Although we shared a dish there was plenty for the two of us and the whole meal was under £15 including drinks. Whilst we were there I watched numerous sharing platters arrive at surrounding tables which looked just as tasty.
I would without a doubt recommend Bakchich if you are ever in Liverpool, the food is top notch but so is the service and I loved the quirky interior.

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  1. I've never tried Lebanese food before but this looks absolutely delicious! I think there's supposed to be a really good Lebanese restaurant in Bristol - I need to track it down!

    Tara x


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