29 July 2014

Project Happy

heart 3
Everyday for a week I wrote down something (no matter how big or small) that made me happy.
Day 1. I watched a woman on the train offer her grapes to everyone around her. Sharing is caring...even with strangers
Day 2. A picnic in the park
Day 3. My boyfriend emailed me in work to tell me he was taking me out for dinner that night...I got those happy butterflies
Day 4. I met with an old friend and it was like we had never been apart
Day 5. A heart shaped cloud breezed past me whilst sat in the garden....it's the simple things
Day 6. I found a huge bunch of fresh flowers in the supermarket for £2
Day 7. It was cool enough to get cosy in my Pyjamas after work  

27 July 2014

Tropically Androgynous

tropical print 5 Tropical print 3 tropical print 4 tropical print 6

Shirt & Hat- Topshop
Skirt, & Bag- Primark
Shoes- Matalan
Along side my new love affair for hats...I have another romance blossoming with cotton shirts. I am really enjoying the kind of androgynous chic look you can create by throwing a shirt over an outfit. This topshop one is so light it's perfect for summer, I wish they did them in more colours because I would buy them all! I am also still in love with this Primark skirt, you can probably tell as it's made a few appearances on here.
Before I go I feel as though the second picture needs an explanation. These shots were taken on our way home from having a meal out. As I was driving the boyfriend took the opportunity to have a few drinks and suddenly thought he was Britain's next best fashion photographer. Apparently I wasn't following his instructions so he told me next time he would bring his other model!!
Love that boy!

22 July 2014

Street food at its best- Backchich Liverpool

Bakchich bakchich 3 bakchich 2
My absolute favourite food is the messy, get stuck in and eat with your fingers kind. None of this single pea covered in sea foam on an oversized white plate nonsense....I am all about hearty, fill your boots goodness.
Located down the quirkiness that it Bold Street in Liverpool, Bakchich is a small but full of personality Lebanese Street food restaurant. My parents had raved about it for months so when me and my mum went for a shopping trip recently I wanted to try it for myself. Safe to say I wasn't disappointed.
We settled for the Shish Taouk to share and it was amazing. HUGE pieces of marinated chicken arrived on warm Lebanese flat bread and was accompanied with Arabic rice and Backchich salad (minus the parsley..bawk). The chicken melted as soon as it met my knife and along with the garlic & chilli sauces made for the most amazing flavour. The rice had a really lovely flavour and the salad was fresh and a nice contrast to the slight spice from the chicken.
Although we shared a dish there was plenty for the two of us and the whole meal was under £15 including drinks. Whilst we were there I watched numerous sharing platters arrive at surrounding tables which looked just as tasty.
I would without a doubt recommend Bakchich if you are ever in Liverpool, the food is top notch but so is the service and I loved the quirky interior.

20 July 2014

jungle fever

Jungle 5 Jungle Jungle 3 Jungle 4 Jungle 2
Shirt & Hat- Topshop
Top, shorts & Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Forever 21
Going for the safari look today! I picked up this Aztec crop in Primark last weekend for £2, I wasn't sure what I would wear it with but I think it works ok with these high waisted shorts.
The hat is also a newbie and has been plastered to my head since I bought it....now I want all of the hats!!

16 July 2014

Victorias Secret Summer Scents

Lola & Me Lola & Me 2
Hold the phone and put down your bottles of Chanel.
I have talked about it before and I don't intend to stop anytime soon but I have a serious obsession with Victoria's Secret fragrances...especially during the Summer months. I have never been a fan of strong floral perfumes, I am more of a sweet and fruity kind of girl (?) which is what draws me to these little bottles of heaven!
I never seem to be able to walk into a Victoria's Secret store without buying something and this time I went all out on their 3 for £24 offer. 3 bottles of perfume seems a little excessive but who's counting (apart from my bf)!!
Coconut Passion is a repurchase after having several strangers ask what I was wearing. I can only describe it as 'holiday in a bottle', it's sweet yet a little musky and lasts for hours. Love Spell and Pure Seduction are both fruity and refreshing and were my absolute faves when I lived over in the states. Besides making me feel extremely nostalgic, they smell amazing and I am getting 1 of my 5 a day (huge thumbs up!!)
Lastly, I couldnt leave without mentioning this super gorgeous patterned make up bag from Lola & Me which I was lucky enough to win in a Twitter comp. You can see more of Heidi Lou's (Maker & Creator) designs here
Have you tried any of the Victoria's Secret fragrances? Which are you favourite?

14 July 2014

Forever 21 Maxi

Dress & Necklace- Forever21
Hat- Topshop
Shoes & Bag- Primark
Every time I have an occasion where I need to wear a dress I always head to Forever 21 and they never let me down. This is what I wore to my friends wedding this weekend and it is probably the girliest thing I own right now. I nearly wimped out in wearing it as it's a no bra kind of situation and well...I don't have much to show for in the chesticle area, but I thought feck it...make do with what you were born with!!!
Unfortunately I had a little split incident whilst walking up the stairs so one side is higher than the other but I have no one to blame but myself...and the copious amounts of gin I drank!