30 June 2014

Aztec jacket

F&F Jacket F&F Jacket 3 F&F Jacket 2
Jacket- F&F
Jeans- Topshop
Tee, Bag & Shoes- Primark
These pictures are overexposed, blurry and pretty crappy....a bit like my last working week but I thought I would post them anyway. When I blog for a living then I will concern myself with more professional looking pictures..... !!
I bought this F&F jacket a few months back but I forgot to blog about it. I wear it a lot for work but I love how it looks with skinnies and a basic tee.

29 June 2014



Maybelline- Mint for Life
Topshop- Forsaken
Barry M- Rosehip
Barry M- Green Berry
KIKO- 339 (No name)
I am like a magpie when it comes to summery nail polishes, especially pastel colours. These 5 are my absolute favourite shades for summer and are all under £5. Although I love them all my firm favourite has to be Barry M's Green Berry. I have always been a massive fan of the Barry M Gelly polishes but this shade is perfection....it's just so juicy and looks amazing with a tan.
What are your favourite summer shades?

23 June 2014

Lavish Alice Jumpsuit

Lavish Alice Lavish Alice 6 Lavish Alice 2 Lavish Alice 3 Lavish Alice 4
Jumpsuit- C/o Lavish Alice
Necklace- Forever 21
Bag & Sunglasses - Primark
Shoes- Vintage
I want to own all of the jumpsuits!! Before Lavish Alice kindly sent me this Kenzo dupe I had never even tried one on, I had always avoided them because of my height. I have since however been converted and it's full blown love. The material on this one is really nice quality and it has pockets so mega bonus for me...always good to have somewhere to put your awkward hands during pictures!
Lavish Alice have some really unique stuff at the moment and this jumpsuit is now in the sale...winner!
(why not finish off with an arty shot for good measure)
Lavish alice 5

18 June 2014

Hey it's ok

stay weird
....to find it difficult to leave Primark without buying something
....to skip washing your hair just so you can have an extra 10 minutes in bed (dry shampoo was created for this very reason)
....to eat crisps for breakfast
....to ask for advice and then do the exact opposite
....to fall asleep during every film
....to go for a run and then eat chips
....to check you have unplugged the straighteners 20 times even though you know you have...just in case!
....to go to Nandos for tea because you saved on the food shop this week
....to take 87 outfit photos for your blog and only like 2 of them
....when sunbathing in the garden to close your eyes and pretend you are on beach in Greece
....to secretly hope the waitress forgot to put through the 4 extra cocktails you ordered during dinner
....to sing in the bathroom (the acoustics are better) and tell yourself you should have auditioned for X Factor
(This post is inspired by a feature in Glamour magazine)

15 June 2014

girly grunge

Forever 21 forever 21 3 forever 21 2 forever 21 4

Dress- Forever 21
Shirt- Topshop
Bag & Boots- Primark

This was a complete random purchase but one that I love. I have never been a 'like to wear a dress' kind of girl but every so often I find one that fits my bill. This is floaty enough to hide my food sins but not too girly floaty, I love the length and the colour combination of the blue and baby pink. As it was only £15 I am tempted to buy the black and white one too.

10 June 2014

Turtle Bay Manchester

When a new Caribbean restaurant promising beach shack and street food inspired dishes pops up in Manchester it would only be a matter of time before I tried it out. So I did this weekend. After hearing lots of good things about the Turtle Bay chain I had high hopes and I wasn't left disappointed.
We sat at the bar whilst waiting for our table and with a glass of Caribbean Pimms in hand I was more than entertained with the energetic bar staff, had it not been raining outside I could have easily been fooled into thinking I was really at a beach bar in Jamaica (maybe that's a bit far fetched but you get my point!!)
turtle bay 6 turtle bay 7 Having pondered over the menu for a good while (it's not often I am overwhelmed with choice), we settled for the garlic flatbread to start.
Garlic bread can be so overrated at times but this one was in a league of its own, the garlic butter was melted perfectly on top and laced with a gentle kick of chilli. I loved how they finished it off with rocket and a lemony vinaigrette dressing *sounds strange but it worked*
 For mains I went for the Pulled Chicken Bun and Tim went for the Double dipped steak with sweet potato fries. I enjoyed everything about mine apart from the meat, I do think this was down to personal preference though as Tim tried it and said it was good. The chips were plentiful and dusted in an amazing spicy coating and the coleslaw was award winning, not too mayonaisy and I was pleasantly surprised by the raisins and parsley?
turtle bay 8 turtle bay 9
 Tim (a well travelled steak eater) thoroughly enjoyed his although I can't vouch for this as I hate red meat....it looked good though!
So here we save the best till last. I had my heart and eyes set on the toffee and banana cheesecake (with rum caramel sauce) before I had even tucked into my starter and it was everything I hoped it would be. A couple of years back me and Tim had a life changing bannofee pie in Gibraltar and up until this weekend it was the best desert we had ever eaten, it has now slipped to 2nd place.
turtle bay 10
 I would definitely recommend Turtle Bay to anyone who visits Manchester. It is lively, has great staff and amazing food...all without breaking the bank.
Have you been to any of the Turtle Bay restaurants?

9 June 2014

Boohoo Kimono

Boohoo Kimono boohoo kimono 4 Boohoo Kimono 2
Kimono & Boots- Boohoo
Top & Jeans- Topshop
Bag & Belt- Primark
I found this little spot the other day near where I live and thought it would be perfect for outfit photos as it is always quiet..or so I thought. What you can't see in these pictures is the little greenhouse next to the gate and inside was a little old lady, she spotted us both and came racing over to talk to us about the flowers and herbs that grew in the gardens. I didn't mind but I did have to take these snaps super quick whilst she wasn't looking...I hate having an audience, my boyfriend behind the camera is bad enough!!!

3 minute make up challenge with fragrance direct

3 minute make up 8 3 minute make up 7 3 minute make up

When fragrance direct asked if I would like to take part in a 3 minute make up challenge I didn't immediately accept. I don't usually wear much make up and I HATE putting close ups of my face on the Internet but I thought it might be good to break out my blogging comfort zone, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger..right? They kindly sent me 3 products to play with and here are the results.

I stuck with the basics....foundation, mascara and a lipgloss (nobody wants to be faffing with winged liner or eye shadow when under pressure) and this is how it came out. I may have a cheated a little bit as I did my eyebrows first, it can take me up to 3 minutes just to do one (I have unruly brows) so it would have been game over. The rest of my face was done in just over 3 minutes...you will have to take my word for it as I didn't take a screen shot of my timer but I think the results are not too shabby.

On the cringe scale these pictures are off the chart but at least I have been brave...gold star please!!

(Before this challenge I had never been on fragrance direct but I was really impressed with their range of make up and prices, make sure you check them out)

*sponsored post

2 June 2014

Prezzo Printworks

Prezzo 4 Prezzo 5 prezzo 6
Some of my favourite blogs to read are a mixture of fashion, lifestyle and food. With food being the second love of my life and eating out one of my long term hobbies....I thought it was only right that I started to share some of my fave places to dine.
I am not a huge fan of chain restaurants but Prezzo is an exception. Me and the boy went for a meal in the Printworks branch after shopping one day so I decided to snap some pics of our food before it was inhaled!
I went for the Calabrese. A wonderful dish of juicy butterfly chicken breast in a tomato sauce with spicy sausage, sweet peppers, roquitos, cherry tomatoes and spinach. The combination of the sweetness of the peppers with the smokiness of the sausage and the spice from the roquitos was mouth watering. I have always been a fan of Mediterranean flavours but this dish is just so good. Of course it was finished off perfectly with crispy shoestring fries and homemade ketchup...NOM!
Tim had a VIP pizza which was humongous and equally delicious, the base was crispy yet doughy and the meat strong and flavoursome (along with the cheese).
What you can't see in the picture is the glass bottle of coke which was served in an tall icy glass...you have no idea how much this pleases me! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to all my pizza loving friends!

1 June 2014

White shirt, vintage sandals

topshop shirt 5 topshop shirt 2 topshop shirt 4 topshop shirt 3 Topshop shirt
Shirt- & Jeans- Topshop
Necklace- Gift
Bag- Primark
Shoes- Vintage
My search for the perfect white shirt ended weekend. LLYMRS (ever the enabler) showed it in her latest Topshop Haul video and I fell in love before I had even seen it in the flesh. You can't really tell in these photographs as they are horribly exposed but it is made out of such a lovely crinkle material, nothing like those horribly chiffon clingy ones.
I am also in love with these 100 genuine leather vintage sandals. My mum bought them in 1981 in Greece and they are still in amazing condition. She very kindly gave them to me yesterday as every single Summer I would steal them from her so now they are mine...thank you mum :)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine.