27 May 2014

You are your own best friend and your own worst enemy

When I got my current job last year after a 6 week redundancy my mum gave me a congratulations card, on that card were these very words. At first they sound like a right cheese sandwich (sorry mum) but let them sink in and realise how powerful they are.
After suffering with crippling health anxiety for 2 years this card was the kick in the right direction for me, the truth in black and white that it was in my hands to change everything. Not the therapist who I went to see every other week for 6 months, not the stupid medication the doctors put me on that made me bloated and spotty and not the people who I constantly relied on to reassure me that 'everything is and will be ok'!! As soon as I started to think differently things quickly changed.
I stopped using the Internet to google my problems (NO a headache does not necessarily mean a brain tumour), I stopped asking for reassurance from my loved ones and I trained myself to turn all of  my negative thoughts into positive ones. (I also came off the pill which definitely helped....hormones and anxiety don't mix well). It was bloody hard work and took time but eventually I started to feel better. This then gave me the push I needed to get out more and see my friends, do things that were outside of my comfort zone. I decided it was about time I conquered my fear of flying after not getting on a plane for nearly 3 years...how would I see the world if I didn't fly?!
I found a guy about an hour away from me who has a website called the 'Mind Healer'. He specialises in a type of hypnotherapy called PSTEC (conditioning responses by way of repetition), I am not going to try and explain it as its a little bit weird and quite frankly I don't understand how it works but after reading up on it I decided I had nothing to lose. One of the reasons why I went for this over normal hypno was because it is possible for it to work over 1-2 sessions (this is along with using the technique in your own time at home) . I went along extremely apprehensive and came out calm and optimistic. Before my first session I was ranking 11 on the scale of 0-sh*t scared of flying and after a few weeks I boarded a plane to Turkey. I was SO PROUD and I definitely think that the stuff he taught me (training the mind) not only helped with my fear of flying but helped with my fear of life!!!!!
Fast forward to today and I think with a combination of the above I am the happiest I have been in years. I still have my mega down days but I think in comparison to when I first started this blog...it's nothing.
Life is too dam short guys....worrying is time wasted, it won't change a single thing.

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  1. Wow, well done you for coming so far! I need to learn to not let small things bother me.

    Tara x


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