6 April 2014

TK Maxx Decor Ware Candle- White Peach

T K Maxx cande tk maxx candle 2 tk maxx candle 3
Just another candle to add to my ridiculously large collection!
My boyfriend was very sneaky and kindly bought me this one from TK Maxx after seeing me getting high on it's peachy fumes in the candle isle. It's the only section in there you will find me in, the rest of the shop reminds me of a horrible jumble sale.
I have never heard of D├ęcor Ware but I believe it's an American brand. This 3 wick candle was only £8 and I couldn't be more in love with the packaging, I already have plans to use it as jewellery storage when it has all burnt down. The scent is incredible, imagine sticking your nose in a bag of peach rings and that's what you get.
I have found some amazing candles in TK Maxx over the years, it just proves you don't need to spend obscene amounts of money to get something luxurious.....(looking at you Jo Malone)!


  1. Looks so so pretty xx

  2. I love the TX Maxx home section! I always come out with something so I've had to stop going in haha

    Hannah xxx

  3. What a lovely candle, I'm addicted to peach scents ;)
    xxx Claire


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