4 April 2014

Primark PS Love Nail Polish

PS Love Beauty Nail Polish 2 PS Love Beauty Nail Polish PS Love Beauty Nail Polish 3
I am just going to lay this right out on the table. When it comes to quality, these PS love polishes are pants but I can let it slide as the colours are SO lovely and for a pound each I am not expecting miracles.
With a good quality top coat I am sure these would be absolutely fine but without the polish only lasted a day or 2 on my nails before chipping. The brush is also a bit large and sprouty but nothing a bit of patience and a steady hand can't fix. The polish is actually really glossy which is nice and the above pics were taken after only 2 coats.
I am straight down the middle with the Primark PS Love polishes....have you tried them? What did you think?


  1. Shame about the quality! I can't thing of the other nail polish range they do but I LOVE them! They remind me of Ciate! The lilac is a lovely shade.

    Tara x

  2. The colours of the Primark PS Love nail polishes do look pretty. You did a fabulous job applying them despite the brush being large and sprouty. Your nails came out looking beautiful! It's too bad it doesn't last and resist chipping better. The price is very reasonable but it's good to know in advance that a quality topcoat should be added.



Thanks for your comments :) xx