30 April 2014

My Topshop Personal Shopping Experience- A must read


When Etail Pr announced that I had won £300 worth of Topshop vouchers in their Hairtrade competition I literally lost my sh*t! I love Topshop but rarely shop there as I can never quite justify their crazy prices and I am always slightly put off by the sizing of their clothes (not the worlds biggest fan of taking 27 trips to the fitting room to find a pair of jeans that fit!)

Admittedly as soon as I got my voucher I ran straight to Topshop like a giddy child at Christmas. Anyone who has been to the one in the Arndale centre is Manchester will know its quite big and and spread out.....queue panic stations. I was completely overwhelmed by the fact that I had all of this money and had no idea where to start....I ended up grabbing a really boring (but nice) jumper of one of the rails and running to the tills in desperation. The checkout girl was quite amused that it was all I could manage. That is when I decided I should probably arrange an appointment to use the (free)Topshop Personal Shopping service.

I was filled with apprehension when I contacted them by email to arrange a date and time but the whole process was honestly so easy. Within 24 hours of emailing them I had a reply asking what date and time I would like and to also fill out some details about my size, style icons, budget, hair colour and eye colour (confused face!) etc. They confirmed my appointment the same day. Being the wimp I am I was a bit nervous about the whole situation, I am crap at saying no to people and I was worried that I would be pressured into buying something I didn't like. I was so wrong!

Upon arrival I was greeted by a ridiculously stylish and super lovely girl who told me to take a seat and help myself to water and cupcakes. We chatted away about my blog and her degree whilst I waited for my 'stylist'! When she arrived I felt at ease straight away as she presented me with a drool worthy array of outfits she had pieced together for me to try on. When I filled out my form before my appointment I deliberately didn't want to give too much away about my style as I wanted to break out of my comfort zone a little, however somehow she still managed to nail my style to the ground and I love everything she picked. There were a few items that given the choice I never would have picked off the shelf but that was the whole point I guess. I turned my nose up at a printed smock dress that she had paired with an over sized denim jacket but when I tried it on it went straight to the top of my yes pile.

If something didn't fit she happily went and got me a different size and was great at pulling different bits of the shop floor to try with the outfits she had already put together, she knew the shop inside out. When I tried something on that I didn't like she accepted it and in no way pressured me into changing my mind, she was also really complimentary which was lovely.

Before I wrap this up I couldn't not give a shout out to the fitting rooms!!! I can put my hands together and thank the fashion gods because you will not leave the personal shopping area with any less self confidence than when you walked in. I am sure many of you will join me when I say that most high street fitting rooms are HORRENDOUS with their harsh bright (reveal every blemish and bump on your body) lights and fun house style mirrors. The Topshop ones are the exact opposite with their lovely low lighting, ample amounts of room and one full length mirror.

I honestly can't recommend the Topshop personal shopping experience enough. It felt like a was shopping with a friend, I came away with some fab new clothes and felt completely relaxed. I have included the items I got below and also a pic from my latest outfit post (the jeans are incredible)
Have any of you used the Topshop Personal Shopping Experience? What did you think?


27 April 2014

Blossom showers

Shirt, Necklace & Jeans- Topshop
Top & Bag- Primark
Boots- F&F
I think this has to be my favourite ever outfit post, partly because of my sassy new clothes (I went and had a personal shopper appointment at Topshop) and partly because of the GORGEOUS location. I have lived near this beautiful park for 4 years now and I didn't even know it was there...I am such a bad local!! I love discovering new places and I predict a lot of summer days spent there picnicking and chilling in the sunshine.
I grabbed my camera and went snap crazy in the rockery. I am so pleased with the second to last photo, I love the little girl hidden amongst the flowers.

23 April 2014


Co- ordinates & prints
There is some serious matchy matchy going on this Spring/Summer and I love it. What's better than an amazing printed top??? Pairing it with equally amazing printed bottoms.
Here are some of my fave from the high street.

22 April 2014

Silver converse

Silver converse silver converse 2 silver converse 3 silver converse 4
Jacket- Debenhams
Jumper & Jeans- Topshop
Converse- Office
I wasn't sure whether to post these photos. I feel like the style of my pictures is all over the place but I wanted to share you with you my new astronaut shoes....aka my silver converse. They need breaking in as the leather is quite hard but for now I will happily look at them and be content!!!
(For comedy value I thought I would include this hair whipping shot...Loreal eat your heart out!!)

21 April 2014

Laid back love

dunham massey dunham massey 5 dunham massey 4 dunham massey 3
Top, Bag & Necklace- Primark
Kimono- New Look
Jeans- Topshop
Converse- Office
Since the purchase of some new snazzy converse (post to come) I have been embracing a more casual style, it may also have something to do with all the walking I have been doing this weekend. Strolling round a deer park in heels would neither be cool or sensible!!
I have had a stunning weekend filled with family, new clothes, friends and coma inducing amounts of sugar. Time to give my teeth a break and introduce some health into my diet. My fridge is currently filled to the brim with fruit and veg which I am actually quite excited about. I also dusted off my trainers the other day, there was a lot of dust....they haven't been used in a while.
Did you all have a nice Easter?

20 April 2014

His & Hers

 photo HampMKIMONO4_zps4b57b375.jpg  photo aa586ed0-5d4c-438b-825b-28ff1c4a2d38_zps9157115b.jpg  photo HampMKIMONO2_zpsefbae342.jpg  photo HampMKIMONO5_zpsdd038966.jpg  photo HampMKIMONO3_zps2c01c0c7.jpg
Kimono- H&M
Top & Jeans- Topshop
Boots- F&F
Bag- Primark
Shirt- River Island
Jeans- Topman
Boots- Clarks
After annoying him from asking so many times, Tim finally agreed to let me do an outfit of the day with him. He has a great sense of style so I thought it was only right he got a shout out. Lets make him feel loved so he will do more....it was nice to be behind the camera for once :)

13 April 2014

Palm trees and pastel stars

Dress-  c/o Rare London
Jacket, Bag and Boots- Primark
I am too annoyed for words tonight. It involves a brand new Samsung phone that doesn't work and a  3 1/2 hour battle with Phones4U (We didn't win)
Hopefully this dress will do all of the talking.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

9 April 2014

Daisy Daisy

Jacket- Debenhams
Shirt, Bag, Shoes & Necklace- Primark
Jeans- F&F
I am in desperate need of some more basics in my wardrobe. After another clear out the other day I am now left with 2 pairs of jeans so I apologise if you are getting sick of seeing the same ones over and over on the blog. My leather jacket is also getting really shabby and needs replacing!! 
On that note.....last week I was lucky enough to win £300 in Topshop vouchers from Etail Pr so I am extremely excited to go shopping and treat myself. I might even book into the personal shopping experience as Toppers somewhat overwhelms me!
I was enabled by the lovely Amy from The Little Magpie to buy this GORGEOUS bag from Primark. The colour is stunning and like nothing I own, it was also only £6.  

7 April 2014

How to blog whilst working full time

keep calm and write a blog
Sometimes I find myself getting my knickers in a twist about there not being enough hours in the day. I work full time but I have a constant itch to blog every day as I love it so much. After blogging for almost 2 years now I think I finally have the right balance between my job and my passion so I thought I would share with you some secrets:
1. Do it because you want to not because you have to. You shouldn't feel pressured to write posts (unless you are collaborating with a brand and have agreed a deadline). For most people their blog is their hobby so it really shouldn't feel like hard work.
2. Dedicate one morning or afternoon a week to take pictures in bulk. As I work 9-5 Monday to Friday, I use Sunday as my blog day. After an hour or two of intense photographing I then reward myself by lighting a candle and reading some of my favourite blogs. I may also have to cook tea for my BF in return for dragging him out to take outfit photos!!!!
3. Take your camera everywhere. You never know when a blog post opportunity may pop up.
4. If you like to blog about fashion (like me) but struggle to take outfit photos, why not dabble in a bit of beauty or lifestyle blogging. Your readers may love hearing about your new red lipstick or the amazing restaurant you went to at the weekend.
5. Always have a notebook handy. I quite often get blog post ideas whilst sat at my desk having lunch!
6. Don't get caught up in a blogging bubble and forget about friends, partners or family. Make sure to spend time with those who are important to you as they are often the most inspiring.

7. Rather than worrying about getting as many posts as you can published a week, concentrate your time on fewer posts with better content.
What are your tips for blogging whilst working full time?

6 April 2014

TK Maxx Decor Ware Candle- White Peach

T K Maxx cande tk maxx candle 2 tk maxx candle 3
Just another candle to add to my ridiculously large collection!
My boyfriend was very sneaky and kindly bought me this one from TK Maxx after seeing me getting high on it's peachy fumes in the candle isle. It's the only section in there you will find me in, the rest of the shop reminds me of a horrible jumble sale.
I have never heard of D├ęcor Ware but I believe it's an American brand. This 3 wick candle was only £8 and I couldn't be more in love with the packaging, I already have plans to use it as jewellery storage when it has all burnt down. The scent is incredible, imagine sticking your nose in a bag of peach rings and that's what you get.
I have found some amazing candles in TK Maxx over the years, it just proves you don't need to spend obscene amounts of money to get something luxurious.....(looking at you Jo Malone)!