19 March 2014

Pear drops beauty sleep overnight whitening serum

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep
I am a sucker for anything that claims to whiten my teeth and usually I am fooled. A fair few of my pennies have been spent on whitening products for them only to be tossed in the bin along with their empty promises (deep stuff this!) 

I bought the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep serum after seeing a number of positive reviews from beauty bloggers and although I am still not the proud owner of  a set of glowing gnashes, I am pleasantly surprised with the results. 

I will say straight away that I think this product will work differently for everyone. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed in the teeth department and have battled with tooth discolouration all of my life. 

Rather than a toothpaste, pearl drops beauty sleep is a gel which you apply after brushing and leave on overnight (great for lazy people like me). As well as helping to whiten teeth it also works to nourish your gums. I sometimes suffer with bleeding whilst brushing so I was pleased to hear this and it actually works. In the morning my gums do feel and look a lot healthier. 

I used a pea sized amount of the serum on both my top and bottom teeth every night for a week, after a few days I started to notice small patches of bright white breaking through the middle of my front teeth and the darkest of my toothy pegs also appeared a lot lighter. Where as I haven't noticed a huge difference with this product, it has definitely improved the general appearance of my teeth. To be honest I didn't expect if to work miracles as my teeth really were quite dark. 

I would say that this product would produce the best results on someone with naturally quite white teeth who just want to improve them by a shade or two. For under £2 it's definitely worth a go.

Have you used the Pearl Drops Beauty Dleep Serum? What did you think of it?

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  1. I've probably been using this for 2 weeks and sadly I haven't noticed any difference! :( My teeth are so stupid, I wasn't blessed with naturally white gnashers but I've read lots of positive reviews of this. I'll continue to use it for the full month, hopefully there will be some improvement by the end!

    Tara x


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