12 March 2014

L'oreal Elvive New Extraordinary Oil

loreal Elvive new extraordinary hair oil
I am sure most of you will agree that the thought of putting oil on your hair (or face) is a little bit off putting. I spend most of my life washing and blow drying my hair to avoid the grease so why would I want to add to it??
I have no idea how and why oil is good for your hair but I do know that the Loreal Extraordinary Oil is super duper. Although I don't really colour or use a lot of heat on my hair, I still have really bad flyaways and splits ends. It drives me mad after drying my hair when the top looks like I have just rubbed it with a balloon! This is a multi usage oil which can be applied before shampooing, before drying or after drying as a finishing touch.
It has a gorgeous floral scent and feels really silky when you pump it onto your fingers. I find I only need two small pumps and I have quite long hair. I usually apply from my roots down to the tips before blow drying and I it really makes a huge difference. My hair is a lot smoother and feels really nourished for a few days after, it definitely also looks a lot healthier.
For £9.99 it's such good value for money as a little goes a long way and the bottle is huge.
My sister bought me this as a Birthday present, she knew I had used a sample of it and loved it so if your reading sis....THANK YOUUUU!
* The Yankee candle in the background is 'Paradise Spice' (another Birthday gift from my sister) and is absolutely devine. Think tropical fruit salad mixed with cinnamon, OMG it's amazing *



  1. ive had my bottle of this for ages and it looks like i have barely torched it!

    Its fab

    em @ lipsticklives.blogspot.com xxx

  2. I use MoroccanOil which I love, but I'd be tempted to try this when it runs out! Bargain!

    Tara x


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