6 March 2014

How to take good blog photos

How to take good blog photos How to take good blog photos 2 How to take good blog photos 3
I have had my blog for nearly 2 years now and along the journey I have learnt a lot about photography. Granted , the manual for my camera has never been opened and I still don't fully understand what all the scary buttons and dials mean but I do feel as though my picture quality has improved somewhat over the years. This has been through a combination of trial and error, lots of googling and taking advice from lovely bloggers.
My beautiful friends got me an amazing (and extremely thoughtful) gift for my Birthday in the form of a photography book  'The busy girls guide to digital photography' and it inspired me to do a post on my tips and tricks on how to take good blog photos.
(This is what works for me, please don't take me for a professional...I am still very much an amateur!!!!!)
1. Lighting- I know this is horribly obvious but it really does make a HUGE difference to your photos when you take them in good, natural light. When I am taking product photos indoors I stand with the light source behind me (my window) and make sure all lights in the room are turned off. I never shoot with the flash indoors as it drowns out the pictures.
2. Set up- My house is full of wooden furniture and I was forever feeling jealous about those who had beautiful clean/white backgrounds in their pictures so I decided to get creative. My boyfriend works for a company that has it's own factory so I asked him to locate some white plastic for me (about the size of a small table). I place the plastic on top of a small set of wicker drawers to create a flat surface and it works perfectly.
3. Props- To make your pictures look a bit more fun and creative, use props. I tend to theme the props around the product I am taking a picture of, the Barry M nail polish above is from their new 'Spring' collection, Spring reminds me of Easter and Easter makes me think of Mini Eggs....easy peasy!
4. Composition- Remember....photography is a work of art and composition is the key to creating a really strong image. Try to off centre your products (or model) as much as possible. Try taking pictures at different angles, use symmetry, texture and depth of field. When you look through the viewfinder that should be your final image, you should avoid having to crop your pictures during the editing stage.
5. Depth of field- I am going to avoid the technical explanation of this because I don't fully understand it myself but this is when a focal point in a picture is really sharp and the background is blurry. My camera has a nifty little setting that does this for you but there are loads of really good tutorials on the Internet to explain how to do this.
6- White tack- White tack will become your closest friend when taking pictures of make up products in particular, it just means your new tube of mascara won't be rolling around the shop whilst you are trying to photograph it!
7. Picmonkey- I absolutely love this site for editing my pics. I usually just play around a bit with the brightness and contrast of them but it is a really great tool if you want to add text or filters to your images.
8. Buy this book....it's brilliant!!


  1. Great tips! That book looks fab x

  2. I love working on my blog photography. You've got me seriously wanting this book now! I included a different photography book written by two bloggers in my Feb favourites :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥ Giveaway Now on!

  3. I absolutely love photography and constantly trying to make my blog images better! That book looks so good, definitely going to look into it xx lovely post xx

  4. Great tips, love it x

  5. Loved this post, new to having my Canon so I'm still learning as much as I can :)


  6. Some great tips here thank you, I will definitely be taking these into account the next time I get my camera out.

    Hannah xxx

  7. Great tips! Thx for sharing! Great post! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  8. Good tips. I know what you mean about being jealous of others who have white backgrounds available. My main problem is lack of good lighting, my flat is so dark!


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