23 March 2014

Comfy Sunday

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Jacket- Debenhams
Top- Next
Jeans- Topshop
Converse- Office
Scarf & Bag- Primark
I need your help guys. My black Leigh jeans (which have appeared in far to many of my outfit posts) need a lighter coloured companion. I have purchased four I REPEAT FOUR different pairs of Leighs in the past month and they have all been returned. I don't know if it's just me but Toppers seem to have changed the material or fit of their jeans and it breaks my heart!!! I like my skinnies to look sprayed on and the new Leigh jeans just sag on my bum and at the knees.....sniff.
Where can I find a decent pair of skinny jeans on the highstreet? Topshop if your reading this, my love affair with your jeans is over. Did no one ever tell you.......if it ain't broke DON'T fix it.


  1. really great casual vibe babe, loving the backdrop for these images also x

  2. ooh I like that top! and the converse are sooo cute

    Julia x

  3. Those Convs!! Cute backdrop too. Waaaaah, I hate jeans that go saggy on the bum. I'm not really one for highstreet denim but I am the proud owner of a new pair of high waisted black jeans from Oasis and so far, so good!

    Tara x

  4. i heard somewhere else that topshop's jeans was not the same. i dont think it is just you

  5. Love the look of the outfit! And your Converse are so cool, it's boggling my mind with the two tongues (is that what you call them?).
    I've only recently bought some Topshop Leigh Jeans and whilst I am really happy with mine, I've heard similar complaints. I do find that sometimes they do start stretching but then I (or usually my mum) put them on a hot wash and they seem to shrink back and become better fitted!

    ~Hannah xx

  6. Laura, I feel exactly the same! I have always purchased Leigh jeans from TOPSHOP. I have had my black pair for four years now and decided it was about time to buy a new pair. I was so relived that they still did them after having them for so long. To my dismay they are not the same. Even though I purchased the same leg length they bunch at the bottom and sag on the knees :( I also purchased a dark blue pair and ended up buying them in a smaller size in hope of avoiding the knee and bum sagging,however this little tactic didn't work :p damn you toppers!


Thanks for your comments :) xx