9 February 2014


UNA BRENNAN Intense moisture mask 4
UNA BRENNAN Intense moisture mask 3
The skin gods have answered my prayers!!!!
I have been trying and failing for weeks to combat my winter skin, excess exfoliation and slapping on the moisturiser just wasn't doing the trick. After hearing some good things about UNA BRENNAN skincare I decided to pop down to Boots and give the Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask (MOUTHFUL) a try, I am so glad I did.

What is says on the tube:

'Boost skin moisture levels and radiance with Superfacialist thirst-quenching Intense Moisture Mask developed even for the most sensitive skins.
It expertly blends White Willow extract, known to enhance skin cell turnover, Vitamin E and Urea with soothing Marshmallow extract to effectively hydrate, plump and replenish skin.
Complexion appears calmer and visibly renewed, glowing with a healthier radiance.'

Before using the mask I removed all of my make up and gave my skin a really deep cleanse with my sanctuary foaming cleanser and then the Clarins exfoliating toner. I used a generous amount of the mask all over my face (avoiding my eye area) and let it sit for around 7 minutes. It did feel a little bit tingly which I thought was because of my sensitive skin but I was reassured after reading a few reviews from bloggers who said the same thing. My face didn't feel at all tight and the scent of the mask is really relaxing, it really did feel like I was having a treatment in a spa. I washed it off with warm water and a flannel and was absolutely amazed by the results.

My skin felt the softest it has been for months, it felt plump and smooth and like it had drank up a bath full of water!!! I thought my skin might have dried a little overnight but when I woke up in the morning it was still the same and my make up applied like a dream.

I am a shallow Sally when it comes to buying things, packaging really draws me in and this product is no exception. I have no problem keeping this next to my sink!

For £8.99 I have no hesitation in recommending this mask and I will definitely be using this regularly as part of my skin care routine.

Have you tried any UNA BRENNAN products?


  1. Oh you've totally sold this to me! My skin has been so dry recently too, this is definitely going on my list!

    1. yay...I am glad I have sold it to you. It really is such a fab product xx

  2. I love the Rose Hydrate range! I use the cleanser as my second cleanse, I have been desperate to try this! xx

  3. I like the Tea Tree clay mask its so good, this sounds great too x

    Catherines Loves

    1. It is lovely. I must try the tea tree clay mask x

  4. I love rose scented skincare. I might have to try that one soon.

  5. Even though I am new to blogging, I have seen this product appear on many blog posts that I have read, having asked the wife (Beautyqueenuk) it isn't a product she has tried...

  6. Such an interesting product! I've heard a lot about it. Might have to check it out now :) x Heroine In Heels

  7. This sounds so good! I've read about it a lot, may have to give it a go.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  8. I see this blogged about alot and have never tried it x


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