6 February 2014

Money saving samples

samples 7

It may have something to do with my frugal ways or the fact I have really ignorant skin and hair but I really dislike spending my hard earn pennies on products that I won't get along with. Inspired by Clarins 'see if you like it before you buy it' campaign I thought I would do a quick post on those cheeky samples you find in fashion mags.
Last week I bought Marie Claire magazine to entertain me whilst on a long train journey, the same day I came home and the boy had bought me a copy of ELLE. Before reading the mags I had a quick flick through to see what samples were on offer and I was surprised to see a good range of skincare and haircare (high end and drugstore). I am running out of my wake me up foundation and I don't want to repurchase so I am on the hunt for a newbie, this morning I reached for the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin sample and took it on a test drive. Turns out I'm not a fan but at least I didn't fork out the £8.99 for it to go to the bottom of my make up bag.
I also used the Loreal Extraordinary oil on my hair last night and today it feels amazing, definitely thinking about buying it (something I wouldn't have done if I hadn't had the sample.)
Recommendations (especially from beauty blogger) are always good but I prefer to test things out for myself. I have really sensitive and dry skin and also troublesome hair so more often than not I end up buying products and then rejecting them a few weeks later.
So remember ladies......before you throw your mags, check them for any hidden gems!


  1. the sample of the oil made me buy it and its worth every penny xx

  2. I like trying samples too! My Benefit advent calendar has really helped me decide what products to buy next and which ones to avoid.

    Tara x

    P.S Oh how I love the Flowerbomb perfume!

  3. Love the Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume.... you should deff try it!

  4. Hi :)
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  5. I'm so glad you sent me your link! I'm such a fan of your photography and writing, I'd love to use your blog button on my blogroll :) I'm a sucker for samples, and now wouldn't even think about buying something expensive without trying it on my own skin.

  6. I have so many samples hanging around this has reminded me to start using them up! Sophie Clare x


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