27 February 2014

Fashion blogging & internet shopping

online shopping
The Internet....it’s a wonderful thing. Think about how much we use it in our everyday lives and we wonder how we ever coped without it. The world is constantly at our fingertips whether we are at work, at home or on the go and when it comes to fashion the Internet is an overwhelming source of inspiration and convenience.

Before I started Lolacolakate on a rainy Sunday back in 2012 my Internet usage pretty much boiled down to Facebook and my guilty Daily Mail pleasure, but now I have been introduced and welcomed into this amazing (and growing) world of Fashion/Beauty Blogs, Street Style and of course...Online Shopping.
Admittedly before my blog was born, apart from the occasional spontaneous ASOS purchase, I never really shopped online. I could never quite put a finger on what my style was and to be honest my knowledge of online brands was pretty nonexistent. Fast forward 2 years and there have been some significant changes round here!

Fashion blogs and the buzz that surrounds them are a constant source of inspiration for me. It is through discovering my favourite blogs that I have been introduced to a plethora of new brands, styles and online stores. My continually growing Twitter family are forever opening my eyes to new products, offers, promotions and discounts that I never would have found wandering around my local shopping centre. I can shop in the comfort of my own home (more than likely in my PJ’S and donning a top knot) and I don’t have to worry myself with busy shop floors and changing rooms messier than my bedroom floor...(COUGH COUGH Primark!!!)

I have also found some amazing online stores which cannot be found on the high street. You can find some really unique one off pieces on places such as ASOS marketplace which reduce the chance of those awkward party moments when you are wearing the same dress as your ex’s new girlfriend!!

So what influences my online spending habits?

I won’t spend an arm and a leg on delivery unless it’s an emergency ‘I need a dress for tomorrow and it’s 9pm’ sort of situation and I also tend to stay away from buying shoes as 9 times out of 10 they won’t fit my ridiculous boat feet. This however is all trivial and with a substantial number of online stores offering reasonable return policies, these things don’t tend to turn me off shopping online.

When I can save time, money and still look good for it, count me in!!!

Have you found that blogging influences your online shopping habits?
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  1. I definitely shop online a lot more these days but I still like trying certain things on instore. I rarely buy shoes online because I'm an annoying half size! If I'm going to buy an expensive item, I usually get it instore, unless it's a lot cheaper on the interwebz.

    Tara x


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