14 January 2014

Victoria's Secret Eau de Parfum Gift Set

Victoria's Secret Eau du parfum gift set
Victorias secret eau de parfum gift set

Victoria Secret Eau de Parfum Gift Set
I spotted this set on one of Fleur De Force's videos and thought it looked amazing. Lone and behold, I was in Victoria's Secret the other day (at the Trafford Centre) and it was on sale for £10 reduced from £41.....it was a no brainer! Quite often in fragrance gift sets you get a few that smell a bit iffy but I love every single one of these scents and they are all in such pretty bottles. The thing I love most about them is that they have spray tops so no wastage (something you don't want when they smell so good) !
My obsession with VS continues!!


  1. these looks so nice!


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