10 January 2014

How I relax

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Ways to relax
Some of you may know that over the past few years I have suffered with bad anxiety, I pretty much have it under control now (phew) but there are days when it likes to poke fun at me!!!
When I'm feeling a little bit anxious, stressed or down there are a combination of things that help me feel myself again. Today I am going to share with you my secrets:
1. Remove all of my make up and take a really HOT bubble bath. This really helps to relax me and also helps with the aches and pains you can sometimes get with stress. I never have a bath without a candle so there is always one resting on the shelf ready to be used.
2. Light my Yankee wax burner. I have one of the mosaic burners with a glass top so it creates the most gorgeous relaxing glow when you put a candle inside it. This may sound a little strange but I also find smells quite comforting, something like soft blanket is perfect for helping you relax.
3. Paint my nails. I find doing my nails quite therapeutic and is such a good distraction from any anxious thoughts running around in your head!
4. Read. Whilst waiting for my nails to dry I like to read a magazine and build mental wish lists of all the clothes I wish I could afford!
5. Blog. I firmly believe that my blog is one of the major contributors in helping to combat my anxiety. I went to see a cognitive behavioural therapist 2 years ago and one of the things he would always say is 'distract yourself with something you enjoy'.
6. Use lavender oil. This essential oil is the most amazing (multi purpose) Natural way to reduce anxiety and to relax you instantly. I put a few drops on my pillow before I go to sleep and it helps me sleep. You can also put a few drops behind your ear or on your temple and it helps to relieve tension.
How do you like to relax or wind down?


  1. This is a lovely post! I need to treat myself to a wax burner, would you say that the burners are better than the candles? I love the candles but sometimes the smells aren't very strong :-(

  2. Great post! I did something similar on my blog a few days ago and I couldn't agree more about how relaxing bubble baths are :)



  3. I love a good bubble bath to unwind! Followed by painting my nails! Great post! :)
    Catherine x | Brighton Girl

  4. I love yankee candles too and agree that nail painting is definitely therapeutic :)



  5. All of these things sound relaxing. I had been reading some of your recent Tweets on your Twitter (@lolakate88). PLEASE don't pull the plug on your fashion blogging. I only just discovered your blog but I'm sure you and your outfits photos looked lovely ("#confidencecrises"). I'd love to see a couple of your favourites out of those tonnes of photos! I'm sure nobody expects your garden to have flowers blooming in Winter.
    Sometimes I find it relaxing to just comment on other peoples' blog posts when I don't have it together enough to do my own. There was a four month gap between my last post in 2013 and the only one I did this year but I agree that "5 Blog." helps. That bath sounds good right now but commenting feels even better. :)



Thanks for your comments :) xx