13 January 2014

Feetz Pocket Wellies

Feetz pocket wellies 2
Feetz pocket wellies
feetz pocket wellies 3
Portable Waterproof Overshoes....Who Need Wellies!!!
As a festival lover I think these Feetz Pocket Wellies are absolute genius. Rubber wellies are practical when splashing about in puddles on your daily dog walk but ever tried dancing for 10 hours a day in them? Or have you ever been at a music festival where they have predicted a beautiful sunshiny day, you don your converse and then the heavens open??? I have and it's not pretty.
Feetz fold up super small so they can fit in your handbag (or pocket) and then when natures takes it course, all you need to do is pop them over your shoes and your feet are instantly dry and warm. They come in sizes 4-6, 6-8 and 8-10 and currently retail for £9.99. The thing I like most about them is the adjustable cord around the top so they are nice and snug around your legs. There is nothing worse then rain and mud getting in your wellies!!!
What do you think of Feetz? Would you take them to a festival this summer?
(Although Summer seems super far away at the moment, you can also use Feetz in snow)

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  1. Okay, these are pretty genius! They wouldn't replace my wellies but I would pack them in my day sack if I was unsure of the weather! I went to Glasto last year and it was super sunny and mud-free haha.

    Tara xo


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