20 January 2014

Beauty bargains

Beauty bargains
beauty bargains 3
beauty bargains 2

Metal tin (for my make up brushes): B&M 99p
My white Ikea pot (the one that all beauty bloggers seem to own) is actually currently being used a house a plant (it's actual purpose) so I needed a new place for my make up brushes. I love the home section in B&M so I knew I would find something in there, I love the cut out hearts on this one....very shabby chic.

Candle: Home & Bargain £2.99
In an ideal world my home would be filled to the brim with the large Yankee candle jars but I have bills to pay and a house to save for!!! This is the second candle I have had from Home & Bargain and I can tell you they are a damn good substitute. This one smells delicious and it looks pretty on my bedside table. These candles surprisingly last for months and they also burn evenly and without leaving horrible black marks around the rim.

Victoria's Secret Perfume £2.50
I bought the Forbidden Vanilla fragrance mist for my sister for Christmas so when I saw the perfume on sale it went straight in my basket. We all know my unhealthy obsession with Victoria's Secret smells!
Nail Varnish: (Daredevil) Topshop £3.00
I grabbed this gorgeous deep red shade in the sale the other day. I have a few Topshop nail polishes and they are amazing, also what's not to love about the polka dot packaging!!


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  2. LOVE the tin! Wish there was a B&M near me - would make a perfect new pen pot! (cheap as well - score!)


  3. Victoria's Secret scents are delicious! What a bargain. <3

    Tara xo

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  5. That nail polish is absolutely gorgeous and I love your midi ring! x

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  6. that polish shade is so lovely!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  7. LOVE that nail colour! The shade is so pretty.. and I know what you mean, I'm a sucker for Topshop's packaging too!

    Just found your blog and started following :)

    Hannah xx

  8. The nail varnish is fantastic and I love the tin, am off to B+M bargains tomorrow now! xx


Thanks for your comments :) xx