20 January 2014

£1.99 OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps

OPI Nail Apps 2
OPI Nail Apps
Every now & again if you look hard enough you will be able to find some amazing beauty items in the likes of B&M, Poundland and Home & Bargains. Whilst searching for some argan oil shampoo I came across these OPI Nail apps and for £1.99 I had to try them. These are a bit different to nail wraps as they are made from 100% pure nail lacquer and can be applied in minutes. I am usually horrendous at applying nail wraps however these were super easy to apply and to file down. You get 16 in a pack so there is room for error!!! They would look great on an accent nail or if you were having a special night out as a full set, the black and gold lace detail on these ones are lovely and look slightly oriental.

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  1. Oooh, how pretty!? I'm usually rubbish at applying them too, I'll keep an eye out for these. :)

    Tara xo


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