13 October 2013

September favourites

I spent 45 minutes trying to take a picture of my September faves with Tim's Nikon D3100 but I failed. I have been blogging with it for over a year now so I really think it's time to learn how to use it properly, I also need to invest in some lighting equipment as our house is so dark. This photo was taken on my Iphone so I apologise for the ridiculously rubbish quality!
Better late than never but here are my September Favourites.
Candle- Yankee who now!!! I found myself in the candle isle at TK Maxx after the recent death of my one and only Yankee candle and I came across the brand For every Body.
I can't explain how amazing the scents of these candles are. This particular one is called powdered sugar cookies and it's like a party in my nostrils! It smells like icing sugar and cookies but not in a sickly way and it fills the room with its gorgeous scent, it also burns evenly and lasts FOREVER!
Their candles are also made from Soy which I believe is much better for you. At only £5.99 for an 18oz jar I would definitely recommend buying one of these over a yankee candle.
Face Wash- This sanctuary face wash is my holy grail. I have really sensitive dry skin so tend have problems with most drugstore face products. This however leaves my skin really soft and doesn't ever break me out. It has a nice fresh scent and gets rid of heavy make up easily.
Fake tan- I have never been one for heavy fake tan but I do like to bronze up before a night out. I have tried several products in the past, high end and drugstore but none seem to match up to the St Moriz moose. It applies like a dream and is instant so you can see where you are applying it. Rather than a deep tan it gives me more of a holiday glow which I prefer. You can find this product in Tesco for around £3.99.
Eye shadow- This eye shadow palette is from Topshop and has the perfect shades for the Autumn. All of the shades are extremely pigmented and blend really nicely. The lightest shade is really nice to highlight the inner corner of the eye.
Bronzer- I have a love hate relationship with this bare minerals bronzer. It is very dark and quite earthy so if you have pale skin, stay away! I went away to Turkey in September so took this with me as it looks so nice with a tan.
Nail varnish- Barry M Lychee Gelly nail polish I think has to be my all time favourite. It is such a gorgeous nude colour which applies really nicely and has an amazing glossy shine to it once it dries. I wore this all throughout summer as it goes with absolutely anything.
Purse- I apologise now to all designer lovers but yes my Mulberry purse is a fake...shoot me now!! Anyone who has been to Turkey before will know that they are famous for ripping off big name designers and they do it quite well! The funny thing is they are also quite good at taking our well known shop names and putting their own spin on it. Marks and Spenger anyone?
I am pretty sure my purse came from Primarni (you gotta love it) and only cost me £6. Get your nose up close and you can tell its fake as the stitching is a bit dodgy and the metal work isn't the best but I needed a new purse and for the same price as a Primark purse I got me a fake Mulberry!!!!
What were you favourite items during September?

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