18 June 2013

pink waffles

Crop jumper- C/O Get the label
Jeans- F&F
Shoes- New Look
Necklace- H&M
I am a fussy Freddie when it comes to skinny jeans. I hate really thick rough denim and can't stand it when they bunch at the knees and ankles...don't even get me started with the ones that ride right down your arse every time you bend down!! Because of my height and annoyingly short torso I find it really difficult to find skinny jeans that fit perfectly and up until now the only ones that made it into my wardrobe were the pricey Leigh jeans from Topshop. However Tesco have saved the day with their super soft skinny jeans and at £14 I can buy 2 pairs and have enough change left over for a pair of shoes HELLO!!!
I was kindly gifted this neon pink waffle jumper from the get the label urban blogger event and I love it, I can't wait to pair it with some distressed high waisted shorts and gladiator sandals. My blingy bling necklace was another bargain reduced from £13 to £4, it may look somewhat like a Christmas decoration but I couldn't help but buy it.


  1. I love the necklace!! It is so pretty, love the colours!

    Trish xo

  2. you look gorgous! love the neon jumper.

    glad you're back posting outfits :)


  3. That jumper is such a lovely colour!

    Julia x

  4. Too cute, I love that color on you!

  5. That crop is beaut!

    Megan xxx

  6. That necklace is beautiful x

  7. Love this outfit - so funky with the pink top and the necklace :)

  8. Love your outfit x



Thanks for your comments :) xx