9 April 2013

Denim, lace and high tops

Dress and necklace- H&M
Shirt- Primark
Shoes-c/o Barratts 

As of tomorrow I will be unemployed (violins at the ready) therefore my bank card is resting peacefully in my purse until I have a new job. No spending means no new clothes so some serious wardrobe shopping will have to commence in order for me to continue blogging. I am excited to see what new outfits I can create from what I already have. I have had this lace dress for years, I love mixing girly with casual/tomboy to create feminine yet slightly grungy outfits. The dress is a bum surfer so it has to be worn with tights but its still freezing outside so I can live with that. 

Some of you may have also noticed (or maybe not) that I have had some substantial length chopped from my barnet. Before the wedding my Dad pleaded with me to get my hair cut, you know it's serious when a bloke comments on the state of your locks. I am really happy with it and even if I do say so myself, it looks a lot thicker and healthier. 

New hair...new job (hopefully!!)


  1. Really love the outfit :) x

  2. Your hair looks fab! Fingers crossed you find a new fabulous job to go with xxx

  3. You hair looks great and I love this outfit! Good luck on the job hunt!

  4. love the shirt and dress combo :) xxx


  5. That necklace is cool! Not seen it before?!

  6. I love denim shirts at the minute!! love how you have worn this one :) I'm doing 3 ways to wear a demon shirt on my blog at the min :) xx

  7. great outfit! love your dress and necklace <3

  8. Lovely Outfit
    Was amazing to meet you yesterday

  9. Love the outfit.. The dress and hitops. :)
    Sad on the job front, but good luck searching! Stay strong.


  10. OK sweetie, I agree to follow each other.
    Follow me and I’ll follow you right back ☺


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  12. Love the denim shirt over the dress <3 Beautiful outfit!!

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Thanks for your comments :) xx