5 March 2013

pastel paradise

I tried and tried to capture this AMAZING colour combination in all its glory but the camera just wasn't doing it justice. I didn't get along with Barry M's Gelly polishes at first but I decided to give them another go and fell in love. I really like the shine you get with them so no need for a top coat, WIN (I am impatient when it comes to nails). The angelica polish reminds me of a models own shade (not sure of the name) but it's just as good and comes without the nasty petrol smell, those of you who have used models own will know what I mean!

I think these two are a match made in heaven and are just perfect for spring.


  1. That's such an amazing color! Perfect for spring (: x


  2. The colour is so perfect for the warm weather we are beggining to get!!


  3. Such a beautiful finish! love the combo

  4. That's so pretty! I have an Essie polish which has a finish just like that. Never thought have layering it though xx


Thanks for your comments :) xx