1 February 2013

Highstreet V's Supermarket


These days the latest trends change like the wind. I love Topshop I really do but sometimes spending 70 big ones isn't my top priority so I go in search of something slightly cheaper. I have had my peepers on some black cut out buckle boots for a while now and I have been waiting patiently till after my birthday to buy some. I was casually browsing the Tesco website this morning when lone and behold I came across the above. There are some obvious differences but I really like them. I'm sure this trend wont be around for too long so why not snap up a pair for less than half the price (I do still love the Topshop ones though!!!)

What do you think....good dupe or no?


  1. I agree that the Topshop ones are better - I think the sole makes just such a different being black rather than brown.

    But, would you rather spend the extra £50 on more clothes? Personally I would, but I am a self-confessed bargain hunter.

    You will look lovely in both :)

    LurchHoundLoves | Fashion & Beauty Blog



  2. oh my goddd! they are both so gorgeous but i think the f&f ones win with the affordable price! xo

    1. i love them both but can only afford the f+f ones haha x

  3. Such an amazing dupe, and you can't really say no when the price is that low. If the brown sole really bothered you, you could always take to it yourself with some black boot polish, et voila!


  4. I like the F&F ones because suede shoes just get wrecked by the rain! x

  5. I actually really like some of F&F's stuff!
    As much as I love topshop, it's always great to find cheap rip offs of their designs else where! I recently bought a pair of toe cap heels from Matalan which were identical to a pair I'd seen in topshop, and about £40 cheaper! Bargain :)



  6. Its so true, being a student i cant afford topshop shoes at the moment but the tesco one look amazing,


  7. I love your fashion choices


Thanks for your comments :) xx