25 February 2013

Jacquard fit and flare dress- warehouse

Dress- *Warehouse
Belt- Primark

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to choose a dress from Warehouse to review. Admittedly I don't usually/ever shop at Warehouse but after going on their website I couldn't believe how many gorgeous dresses they had (I have been spending too much time shopping in Primark) My decision was quite difficult but I finally settled on this gorgeous jacquard fit and flare dress.

The material feels really luxurious and I love that its stretchy to make way for my regular food babies. I am definitely going to rock this in the office but I also think its a lovely daytime dress which can be dressed up or down. There was plenty of jacquard floating around at fashion week so I'd like to think I am one step ahead of spring/summer 2013 trends (or at least that's what I will tell myself!!!!)

I styled my hair using my remington pearl curling wand. I was thinking of doing a post on it, would you be interested in reading my review? 

24 February 2013

a pocket full of soul

Jumper- Ark
Jeans- Topshop
Converse- Schuh

 Happy Sunday ladies (and gents?)Today was spent nursing a mother of a hangover, I went out last night to Manchester with some of Tim's family. The night consisted of flaming cocktails, shots, more shots and Tim's cousins husband falling asleep in the club. Needless to say we were politely asked to leave but a greasy tray of chips made up for the abrupt ending! We don't really got out that much anymore so when we do we like to do it in style!!!!

This amazing jumper was a birthday present from my lovely sister, I absolutely love the colour of it and the detail is so pretty. I thought I would pair it with my spotty converse for more of a casual look and the embellishment on the shoulders still keeps it girly. Again I am wearing my favourite jeans, my Topshop leighs. They really are the perfect skinny jean I definitely need some more in other colours however I am considering getting some Joni's. I tried some on the other day and loved them but was a bit unsure about the material. They felt like they might go saggy after a few wears, can anyone confirm if they keep their shape? There is nothing worse than saggy knees!!!

Before I go is anyone else as excited as I am about the return of Justin Timberlake? I have spent the whole weekend listening to his new song 'mirrors' on repeat and the 16th March is circled in my diary so I can rush out and buy his new album, I am having a total fan girl episode, the last time I behaved like this was when I was in love with Craig David back when I was 14.

22 February 2013

Seeing stars wildfox dupe

Jumper- Primark
Leggings- Primark
Boots- F+F

After my onesie fiasco at Christmas I stomped my feet and vowed not to shop at primark anymore but how can I stick to my word when they make amazing jumpers like this. I really love the wildfox seeing stars lennon sweater but I refuse to spend over £200 on a jumper, this one its a pretty damn good dupe and it was only £12 so I'm pretty smug right now!!! :) I got it in a size 14 as I like my jumpers to be baggy, I cant wait to wear this in the spring with some high waisted shorts and my converse.

21 February 2013


Last week I won my 2nd ever twitter comp and a couple of days letter this lovely dress landed on my doorstep from FD.Avenue. The prizes were already preselected I just had to give them my size...this could have turned out horribly wrong. I am usually an 8-10 but last week I tried on a size 10 top in topshop and couldn't even get my arm through the sleeve, they really need to sort their sizing out!!! FD.Avenue sizes however are pretty true to form and I now have a lovely coral lacey addition to my wardrobe. I was having a bad face day when I took this picture hence the head crop but as long as you can see the lovely dress I'm sure your not that bothered :)

If you haven't already checked out their website make sure you do here

20 February 2013

love the giver more than the gift

'Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury'
  Coco Chanel

Birthdays happen once a year....its inevitable, the only thing that changes is our age. Yesterday I turned 25 and when Tim asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said that it would be nice if we could go away for the night and spend some time together. I had briefly mentioned that it would be lovely if we could stay in a log cabin but quickly had to knock that idea on the head as they don't tend to do 1 night stays. However luck was on Tim's side as he got a phone call from one he had enquired about a while back saying they had had a cancellation and they were happy to take a 1 night booking. I had no clue about this, all I knew is that we were going away to somewhere up North, he also had booked a night before hand in Leeds.

After a fun filled day and a lovely stay in a boutique hotel in Leeds we drove up to the mystery location in Middlesbrough, can you imagine my surprise when we drove out into the country and pulled up at this....

Our very own log cabin for the night complete with private hot tub on the veranda, I couldn't think of a more perfect location to spend my birthday. We got lots of yummy food in to eat and spent hours drinking prosecco in the tub followed by cake and then a spa treatment the next day after a delicious full cooked English breakfast in the Bistro. I would definitely recommend this beautiful place if you are looking for somewhere special or different to stay, it even comes complete with your own rubber duck to take home!!
 Boy did good.....he did more than good I am very lucky girl, I even got a smarties cake. 

16 February 2013

black on blue

 Jumper- Primark
Shorts- New Look
Necklace- Primark
Shoes- Market shop
bracelet- birthday present

I have been getting my mitts on some shamazing bargains recently. I found these shorts in the New Look sale whilst looking for something to wear for my birthday, I love the houndstooth print and the pleather around the waist, what I love the most is the fact they were only £10. I've been wanting a pair of pleather shorts for a while now but I am a bit unsure, do they not get a bit sweaty??? For now I will stick with these, the most I'll get is a sweaty midriff!!!
 The crop jumper was also a bargain at £3 from primark and as monochrome is going to be springs biggest trend I was more than chuffed with my purchase.

Its my birthday on Tuesday and Tim is taking me away for a night which is a surprise, all i know is that I am getting a facial which I am SO excited for as I have never had any kind of spa treatment before. My skin is awful at the moment too so I am hoping a little TLC will help it along!!

14 February 2013

Etail pr blogger comp- marb b & asos

This is my entry for the latest etail pr blogger competition. To have the chance of winning £75 to spend at Marc b and £175 to spend at asos all you need to do is to sign up to the etail pr blogger network and then create an outfit collage based around one of Marc B's new seasons bags and using Asos clothing. 
My outfit is based around the spring/summer 2013 fluro trend. Crop tops with midi/pencil skirts are also going to be huge...I absolutely love this outfit. I hope I win so I can buy it 
(the bag I have chosen is the Darcy in black)

Link for the comp is here

10 February 2013

curls and spikes

Shorts- H&M
Top- Topshop
Fur stole- gift
Necklace- Miss selfridge

I keep wearing shorts...I don't know why but recently I have been reaching for them in my wardrobe and picking them out when shopping. These are my latest acquisition and were £7 from the h&m sale. They are quite difficult to style because of the material and colour but I can wear them when I feel like being 'sophisticated' in shorts, hence the fur stole in this outfit post. Sometimes I like to think I am a lady what lunches so I dress like a grown up, do you ever feel like that? Its funny how your mood can depict how you dress. Today I had one of those days where you just stare at your wardrobe and feel totally uninspired!!

7 February 2013

blue and yellow blue and yellow

Jacket- River Island
Shirt- H&M
Necklace- Primark

This is definitely my new favourite colour combination inspired by a recent trip to forever 21. When I was in there at the weekend the standout trend was definitely bright block colours paired together. One of the mannequins had a blue chiffon shirt on with a gold and neon chain necklace and it really stood out to me. I went into h&m for a quick look afterwards and conveniently came across this shirt for £5 in the sale and then remembered I had a neon yellow necklace at home.This statement necklace has done me proud, it instantly adds something to an outfit and when paired with this amazing cobalt blue shirt it really surpasses itself. Did I mention it was only £3, money very well spent.  

Winter may be dragging its arse through February but I am forward rolling into spring now, I have already bought my first pair of floral trews (previous post) for 2013 and I'm in love.

1 February 2013

Highstreet V's Supermarket


These days the latest trends change like the wind. I love Topshop I really do but sometimes spending 70 big ones isn't my top priority so I go in search of something slightly cheaper. I have had my peepers on some black cut out buckle boots for a while now and I have been waiting patiently till after my birthday to buy some. I was casually browsing the Tesco website this morning when lone and behold I came across the above. There are some obvious differences but I really like them. I'm sure this trend wont be around for too long so why not snap up a pair for less than half the price (I do still love the Topshop ones though!!!)

What do you think....good dupe or no?