4 January 2013

Light a candle see it glow

This is pretty much my life right now, candles and my onesie!!! Not long ago I thought candles were for when you had a power cut but again since blogging I have developed a few new obsessions and this is one of them. I know quite a few people have done posts on their fav candles but I couldn't help but join in as I have some amazing ones that near enough spank yankees arse! 
 The pink one with the bow is from primark (£1) and oh my days it smells AMAZING. Its called smoothie and it smells like sweets and fruit and gorgeousness but not too sickly. I hate candles that smell amazing in the flesh but when they are burning don't really smell at all, this isn't the case with primark candles, their scent fills the whole room and to be honest I just want to eat it!!!! My mum got me some coconut tea lights from primark for Christmas and they are heavenly.

The orange one is from homesense, it came in a set of 3 in a really pretty box and they were £4 in the sale. The scent is orange and coconut which may not seem like your average scent combination but let me tell you.....I cant deal with how amazing the smell is, it reminds me of Hollister from some reason. I do own some small yankee candles, my favourite is soft blanket but to be honest for the price I would rather go and buy 20 primark candles.


  1. My sister got me a massive yankee candle for xmas, I can't bring myself to burn it because it's so pretty :( x

  2. I love candles so much I have a couple but I hardly ever light them because I get scared of fire haha. These are beautiful photos!


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